Beautiful Buildings worth Talking About

I get kinda wild when I see this kind of disrespect on old buildings, (well, any graffiti on any building actually).

yellow car and graffiti | February 05, 2008 by Sam Javanrouh

Yes, you the tagger (there is no such thing as a graffiti artist) have Aloha (the good in all people) in you too, but you need to express it with Ho‘ohanohano (dignity and respect.) I don’t care how original and self-expressive your drawings are, in my view they will never be worth more than dirt to be cleaned off, until the time they appear on a canvas of your own, and not on someone else’s property.

Now here is a striking building: Saw it on AmazonGreen Scene via Amazon Daily.


There are more pictures of it on The Water Cube, Bubble-Clad Olympic Wonder, and their article starts:

"It looks blue, but it’s green, and it’s
here. As big, eye-catching Olympics architecture goes, nothing may be
as sustainable as the Beijing National Aquatics Center, or Water Cube,
the latest cutting-edge building to open on the enormous construction
site that is China. Taking the structure of soap bubbles as inspiration
(and mimicking nature’s way of filling 3-d space most efficiently), PTW
Architects and Arup gave the $200 million Cube an elegant, light-weight
design: a rectangular box covered in iridescent bubble wrap.

it does more than look cool. The 100,000 square meters of the
Teflon-like translucent plastic ETFE that make up the building’s bubble
cladding allow in more solar heat than glass, making it easier to heat
the building, and resulting in a 30 percent reduction in energy costs."