Aloha Friday Reading

Here are some things I found interesting this week ~
A big Mahalo to the citizen publishers who write for us online!

1. Mozilla Launches New Messaging Project, Looks Beyond E-Mail at the Wired Blog Network
[Hat tip to Chris Bailey.] Gave me a lot to think about connected to my recent Brex initiative on MWA Coaching (mentioned here too).

2. I’m Done With Social Media at
[Hat tip to Chris Brogan.] I second this motion:

“Social media” is out. So is “microblogging.” No more “social bookmarking” either.

What am I talking about? Clear writing. Plain language.

I’m not pulling the plug on all this stuff. However, I am going to start to write about it in terms that the average person on the street can understand.

~ Dave Fleet

3. Can Internal Coaches Be As Effective as Outsiders? at Harvard Business
by the one and only Marshall Goldsmith.

This one has discussion potential in a few different ways; it resonated with me most timing-wise with my Brex initiative again and when I think about strengths management within organizations, and the Role of the Manager Reconstructed. Much as there is a place for outside consultants (I’m one too at times, though I prefer coaching) I am always willing to do train-the-trainer development for organizations because most companies need to do much more in-house first. Marshall starts by sharing a question he received, and a brief answer which alludes to the article which follows:

You are an external executive coach.  I am an internal HR professional.  Can internal HR professionals, like me, do an effective job of coaching our company’s leaders?

Can internal HR coaches be effective in coaching leaders?  Definitely.

Will most internal HR coaches be effective in coaching leaders?  Maybe.

4. They’re Working on Their Own, Just Side by Side at the New York Times
[Hat tip to Mike Gunderloy at Web Worker Daily] Is coworking part of your vocabulary yet? I sure would like to see businesses consider offering up any available spaces they have during off-hours: They could be promoting more of an entrepreneurial spirit among the ranks, even if restricted to their own staff.

5. Is your Business Saas-y? at Working Solo
Leah Maclean says I’m saas-y… and what can I say? She’s right; I am, and increasingly so every day.

6. How do you hire great people? at SlackerManager
Relationship Geek and Make it Great guy Phil Gerbyshak started this discussion, and I could not resist jumping in. Chime in with what you think.

7. February 29: Love-Minded Aloha All Day Long! at Managing with Aloha Coaching
Did you take my Valentine’s Day Challenge? This is a follow-up, with a couple of stories on what happened that day for those who did. Join Scott in his plan for February 29th.

What did you find interesting and worth sharing? Drop the link in the comments for us.