Sweeten your messages

Phil posted this picture at Make It Great! for Wordless Wednesday, and while I have not yet seen this particular one on our store shelves, it made me think about how candy has figured into some other wow campaigns we’ve done through the years. It got to the point that the mere appearance of a bowl of candy in the middle of the conference table we used for our daily huddles would have people asking, “What are we working on this time?”

True, they became known as the “candy bribes” but it was a phrase that recognized how easily and effectively the right candy bar could quickly convey a message once that message was known and connected to some kind of action.

When this candy bar was introduced it became my favorite for The Daily Five Minutes ®: Handing one to the person I was asking to “Take 5 minutes with me?” was like asking, “Ready and willing?”


Hershey then mixed it up, offering Original, White Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and a limited edition Chocolate Cookie version. Thanks guys! The Daily Five Minutes ® is never boring!

I can remember one of my employees in particular who would take such pleasure in silently opening the candy bar right there and then ”“ his way of saying “Yes” and then slowly eat a bite or two while he made me wait for the rest of the conversation. He enjoyed the game, but I did too ”“ the D5Ms he gave me were always gems.

—Assault the senses. It is always very effective to choose a strong visual image which is associated with your idea or change concept. When it is seen, it instantly conveys a strong and clear message. Consider the other senses of hearing, touch, taste, and scent, and decide if there are complimentary connections which will reinforce the visual message: perhaps you will choose a song, or slogan which will attach sound to your image. Use these triggers as consistently and pervasively as you can.”

—read more at Run a WOW Campaign at lifehack.org

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