Reality Check: Is your track record actually bad enough to create a new business?

According to the CBS Evening News, that’s what the airlines have done for at least half a dozen companies which now exist to offer door-to-door luggage service:

Baggage Quest founder Dave Williams says two years ago when he started the business, he shipped 2,000 bags. This year, he’ll ship 25,000.

“In my opinion, the airlines are understaffed and overwhelmed with the work right now,” Williams said.

I can relate. I do a lot of traveling, and like many other road warriors I know, I have an iron-clad rule for myself: If something doesn’t fit in my carry-ons, it doesn’t come with me. Female vanity has gone out the window — I will wear it twice, or figure out how to get everything to match just one pair of shoes!

Checking luggage is a) time consuming and b) way too risky.

If I shop on a trip and add to my load, I will often ship my excess back home instead of checking my bag: I trust UPS, Fedex and those fantastic Flat Rate boxes offered by the good old Post Office way more than the airlines — when I’m supposedly on the same plane!

On my last trip to speak on Kauai I had to take the risk because of some last-minute travel adjustments (long story) and guess what? Yep, bag got lost. I eventually got it back three days later (with everything still in it!) but the airline admitted they were completely mystified as to where it has gone to and traveled back from, it just showed up again (amazing what employees will honestly admit to you when you are nice to them).

Seems like a good thing to talk story about in your own business: Are there any ways that your customers have to compensate for the way you operate?