Ma‘alahi = December Bliss!

Aloha. Say Leadership Coaching is now on annual hiatus and our see-the-whole-family travel is done: We’ve arrived back on the Big Island of Hawai‘i to have a simple Christmas together at home.
This is bliss.

We’ve decided to have a simple Christmas this year in the spirit of ma‘alahi, contentment within simplicity and ease, or to use an English expression, happily living a holiday where “less is more.” My children are now young adults, still in college and without children of their own (I can wait!) and so for our Christmas we’ve cut way back on the gift-giving this year, trading wrapped boxes of more ‘stuff’ for Faith, Family and Friendship experiences instead ”“ quite wonderful! Turns out that the paring back to just what we feel are the essentials of the holiday was gratefully welcomed by everyone.

And there’s a 4th “F” within our list of essentials:) —In our house, Food is always a big part of the equation too, a family bonding experience uniquely its own!

My wish is that you completely enjoy your Christmases dear readers;

Have Faith —Believe in the spirit of giving, for it lives in your aloha.

Love your Family —None of us were meant to live alone, and family is who you love, something not necessarily determined by birth alone.

Call your Friends —Wish them the blessings of the season, and let them know how much they mean to you.

And eat well! —Be nourished by those comfort Foods of your own holiday traditions.

I shall return for more talking story after the New Year arrives. Thank you so much for reading, and for being such a special gift to me as our Ho‘ohana Community.
Much aloha, ~Rosa


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    Help give mine back to me this Christmas?

    Our family is experimenting with tweaking our Christmas traditions this year, thus far with terrific results. Ma‘alahi Mele I’d kicked it off by talking to them about a Hawaiian concept I have become very enamored of; Ma‘alahi, contentment within simpl…

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