Thanksgiving Blessings and Aloha

I have always loved November, for it is a beautiful month of thoughtfulness and reflection.

Nānā i ke kumu; it is a month which seems to exist just so we can be reminded to look to our sources of well being, sources rooted in the basic simple goodness of aloha.
November encourages our intentional practice of appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness so we can become content in the understanding of just how rich our lives are.
We could strip away half of what we may now carry through our days and not even reach the outer shell of who we are at our core.
Our aloha.
November is a gift to our humanity, for it keeps us more human and less contrived.

This is my mana‘o: I know these things to be true because of the evidence in my own life.
For as if aloha weren’t enough, three years ago November became the month I would publish Managing with Aloha, and my blessings would multiply by magnificent number.

MWA would ‘talk’ in its own language of intention, and it would give me an astounding gift; I would live with Mahalo, the Hawaiian value of thankfulness, connected to my work, and to my life every single day.

MWA has done much for the success of my business, but leaps more with the people it has brought into my life.

Blessings counted in smiling, caring faces are the very best kind.


To everyone who reads these words, thank you for being part of our Ho‘ohana Community, and part of my life.

I write knowing you are there, and that we are in some way connected.

Be thankful knowing how your aloha spirit will thrive and grow.

I wish you the contentment of gratitude.

I wish you simplicity and serenity.

I wish you wonder and joy.

Me ke aloha e Thanksgiving maika‘i nui,

~ Rosa Say

My Sharing of Thankfulness: The How-To of Managing with Aloha Coaching.