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The keywords which best describe the Talking Story blog are aloha, values, work, business, management, and leadership. SAY LEADERSHIP COACHING is the company founded by Rosa Say, author of Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business.

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We change our focus every month: We choose a Hawaiian value to study anew so we may continue our learning of the values that drive the Managing with Aloha movement.

Why? We know that values serve us well: they create our best habits with great work. The values we believe in are those we practice naturally and with universal intention, feeling strong and self-fulfilled when we do. They drive the behaviors of our integrity. This month, we talk story about hospitality:

Ho‘okipa, the Hospitality of Complete Giving

We take this monthly journey of discovery knowing it can bring us to Ho‘ohana, our intentional and very personal work. We want our professional work and our personal values to match up. Often we find we share our values with people who are passionate about the same things we are; people who want what we want. Theirs are the positive voices of the Ho‘ohana Community of learners you will find here on Talking Story.

In the spirit of Ho‘okipa, we warmly welcome writers who would like to share their stories and thoughts on hospitality throughout the month of July. Talk story with them in the comments of their articles;

Deb Estep: Ho’okipa Via The United States Postal Service

Lisa Haneberg: Build Energy then Go Where the Energy Is

Reg Adkins: Hospitality: Our Gatherings Seek to Meet a Need
Maria Palma: Hospitality: The Key to Peace on Earth
Dave Rothacker: Ho’okipa: A Mother’s Love
by Rosa: Hospitality and the Comforts of Home, with Company

Reg Adkins: Our Gatherings Nudge Us Toward Collaboration

April Groves: Dissecting Hospitality

Joanna Young: Writer, reader, place: writing with ho’okipa

Maria Palma: Welcome to the Customer Service Carnivale!

by Rosa: A charge for the Ho‘okipa Brigade: Social Graces

April Groves: The Business End of Southern Hospitality

Dwayne Melancon: Hospitality is more than façades

Carolyn Manning: No Requests Required

Phil Gerbyshak: Hospitality: It feels like home

Rebecca Thomas at Career Niche: Be worth copying

Two more ways to get involved this month:

  1. Take a look at the list we are starting of Books on Hospitality and give us your recommendations; which book would you add?
  2. Co-write this posting, by brainstorming in the comments; What are your interview questions for the Mea Ho‘okipa?


  1. says

    Hi Rosa, I just visited Maria Palma’s blog and saw this link to you. I’m inspired to write an article to submit for your Carnivale. Hospitality is a topic close to my heart.
    I’m a newbie to your web site and certainly feel welcomed!

  2. says

    Aloha Robyn, welcome to the Ho’ohana Community! We shall look forward to your Carnivale entry for Maria; I’m excited about the opportunity we have to host it for her – the perfect fit for our month on Ho’okipa.

  3. says

    A Ho‘okipa red carpet is out for you at Talking Story

    This is our last weekend before a new month is upon us, and you know that August will promise study on our next Managing with Aloha value! So in your quiet time this weekend, grab a cup of soothing tea

  4. says

    The Hospitality Of Complete Giving: Ho’okipa

    During July, the value subject of the month at Rosa Says Talking Story was hospitality: Hookipa, in Hawaiian, the Hospitality of Complete Giving.