Make Sunday your Day to Comment

If Sunday commenting became your new practice, you would learn and gain much enrichment from our month within hospitality (called Ho‘okipa here).

Consider the two-way, flowing nature of hospitality
; someone welcomes you in, and you as their guest have the opportunity to gain so much!

Very likely, these five possibilities only hint at a wealth of others:

As someone’s guest, you have the fortuitous chance to;

  • give appreciation and live in thankfulness (practicing mahalo) for what they extend to you
  • explore learning (‘ike loa) within their invitation to be with them in a more personal way, for we seem to learn best from other people,
  • experience service with caring (mālama) from someone fully intending to give it to you
  • consider visionary options (‘imi ola) in what your best possible life may consist of in all its varied capacities
  • benchmark their hospitality given (ho‘okipa) so you may adapt their practices into your own

In other words, you become Mea Ho‘okipa (host or hostess) receiving in ways that will help you tap into the other ways you might give, which we have learned is part of your ho‘ohana (work’s intention):

“The Mea Ho‘okipa were those who always seemed to radiate well-being, with an inner peace and joy that came from the total satisfaction they received from their acts of giving. They were those who truly gave of themselves freely, and gave often, never trading favors or silently hoping for anything in return. Their own pleasure and satisfaction came from the act of giving itself. Giving was their inner source of joy and contentment.”

~ from Managing with Aloha

So far this morning, I have commented for Troy Worman, Dan Oestreich, Lisa Haneberg, Chris Owen, and new friend Cheryl Stephens, who learned of us within the aloha-rich writing hospitality of Mea Ho‘okipa Joanna Young. Who have you visited?

Let us know in the comments, and perhaps we can talk story there too!

Learn more about Ho‘okipa, the hawaiian value of hospitality, within this article at Managing with Aloha:

Ho‘okipa, the Hospitality of Complete Giving


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