Values and monthly Habit-magic

At Say Leadership Coaching, the first day of each new month is always a day of reckoning of sorts: are we ready for the next push? The flip of the calendar means it’s publishing day for the division of my company called Ho’ohana Publishing.

yes, another use of that Ho’ohana word!
If you’re gonna have a mantra, have a mantra

What gets published that month (kick-off e-letter, blogging themes, lesson plan evolutions, coaching
missives for our customers, project e-booklets or pdfs…) depends on
what the new value of the month will be, just as KÅ«lia! Break thrÅ«! comes from Kulia i ka nu’u as our value for June, 2007.

Values and months go together like they were made to.

I have long adopted a value of the month within my personal practice of Managing with Aloha. Before my book was even the remotest of possibilities in my thinking, the manager living inside my skin knew that

a) values drive behavior, and

b) values spoken out loud all the time drive on-purpose behavior, (that is, as opposed to luck-of-the-draw or good-mood behavior) and

c) values deliberately practiced a month at a time with consistent focus (i.e. EVERYONE) made work expectations both crystal clear and more regularly delivered upon.

In other words, I knew that values at work, WORK.

Months seem to frame them so perfectly; not too long, not too short. As Goldilocks said when she found baby bear’s bed, a month is "just right."

Months give you enough time to create a new habit around the value you’ve chosen, for even without your weekends, you’ll get those 21 days that people who study habits (like Stephen Covey) say are necessary for the repetition that creates a habit that will stick.

What habit will you be creating this month around KÅ«lia i ka nu’u (excellence and achievement)?

How will you Kūlia! and Break thrū?