Rapid Fire Learning | June 2007

You have 5 full days left in June to LEARN!

Phil Gerbyshak is sharing Life Lessons in hosting Rapid Fire Learning for us on Joyful Jubilant Learning; if you read his first it might trigger some June memories for you!

I love that we take turns kicking off our monthly shout out for learning on JJL: I always look forward to the way it gets written up there, and it’s very inspiring checking back each day to look for a new trackback, seeing where our meme has traveled. So do remember to add yours too!

Here is my June 2007 learning:

1. We started June with our Ho’ohana (work intention) on the value of Kulia i ka nu’u (achievement and excellence), learning that big breakthroughs can be achieved in a single day – it’s all in the how you live and work that day. KÅ«lia! Break thrÅ«!

2. I have long thought of writing in three different ways; writing to write, writing to capture, and writing to learn. This month, I applied my categorization to the clarify-confirm process we learned within the JJL Learn to Lead with Your Strengths project, learning to build upon them further with strengths statements.

For more on this one, see: Writing is a Skill the Successful Master.

3. I learned that the brain is not wired to possess both a positive and a negative at the same time. How fantastic is that! In case you missed it, I wrote more about it here: Believe in your Biology! It’s a post I’m tagging to remind myself of often – have already used this new knowledge in my speaking this month.

4. I continue to learn more about the strengths movement, further deepening my understanding of how building upon your strengths is a gift you give yourself and all you wish to impact with your aloha. My most recent writing about this is here, within a JJL posting about my StrengthsFinder 2.0 results. Strengths management is a curriculum I find I never tire of; Gallup would say that it’s my Maximizer.

 5. A small breakthrough I suspect may be bigger than I now realize: I have just learned how to plan ahead for any spontaneous travel I may take. Odd as it may sound, I have done this for my business travel for years, with a bag ready-packed to go, but never for a personal trip with my family – and what goes in that bag needs to be much different! This trip was the catalyst: Playing Elsewhere with Family.

What about you? Please share your learning with the rest of us: You never know who you’ll inspire!

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