Playing Elsewhere with Family

Playing hooky that is. Took some time off to spend with my family this past week, and they have a way of keeping me divorced from Rosa Say, author and businesswoman in favor of being Rosa Say, wife and mom. (A good thing!)

This time, I went cold turkey. I haven’t posted anywhere (thus the title ” haven’t written elsewhere either) or answered any emails and comments since last Tuesday because hubby and I decided to take a spontaneous vacation to the mainland to meet up with our son and daughter. As an added Father’s Day gift to him, I left my laptop behind and stayed offline the entire time. Amazed myself that I could even do it!

It was a gift of attention for him, for hubby has very little empathy for me when it comes to my online connectivity. While he has truly enjoyed the personal meetups I’ve brought him to involving our Ho‘ohana Community, he has never read any of my blogs and has no desire to. He’ll often explain, “I don’t need to read what she writes; I live through it with her in person.”

And that is but the first way we are different: He is one of those remaining dinosaur-boomers by choice who has no email address and sees no reason why he needs one ” reads the newspaper religiously but hasn’t read a book since he was assigned the “chore” in college (as compared to this for me). He keeps me outdoors and healthy at home, and he is engaged in our island community, but he is not a traveler, usually preferring to send me off without him. The list of differences gets longer ” When people have known us separately first and then meet us as a couple, they will at some point comment, “wow, I guess opposites really do attract, huh?”

Yup. In our case it’s been working wonderfully well since I first met him about twenty-six years ago.

So I am behind ” if you’ve written me, just wanted to let you know why your email may still be unread; will catch up in the next two days. Am normally not this flaky and will prepare ahead for most everything, but not this time: We literally packed a bag and hopped on a plane when we saw the opportunity reveal itself on hubby’s work schedule – talk about a chance to KÅ«lia! Break thrÅ«! Just got home last night, slept through the time change (3 hours earlier in Hawai‘i) and have now folded our last batch of laundry. My son came home with us for the summer, so my mom and CEO mix will remain until he returns to college in late August. Family is good for me in so many ways!

In thinking about this, my hubby may be a bit extreme with absolutely no time spent on any computer, however I can’t think of any couples in our Ho‘ohana Community where both blog actively ” can you? Interesting to wonder about, hmm?

To start with the catching up I need to do, a big MAHALO (thank you!) to Kevin Eikenberry for this nod he gave Talking Story:

What is the Best Leadership Blog?

Click over and check Kevin’s list of examples, and if you have a moment, vote for me! You will also be entered to win the Remarkable Leadership Volume 1 – CD Set that Kevin is offering.

For those of you visiting for the first time due to Kevin’s generosity, please consider picking up a feed and joining our Ho‘ohana Community – I’ll get back to normal soon!


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    What a fantastic gift! And it sounds like a lot of fun, too!
    My husband and I are also very different in many ways – I think it helps keep us straight.

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    Aloha April, thank you for commenting, and leading me to your wonderful blog! I love the personal voice in your writing and will continue to visit you there. Welcome to the Ho’ohana Community.

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    I was invited to Talking Story with Say

    And you can bet the bank I accepted!
    Scouting around for new blogs (like I need any more in my reader!), I was over on Kirsten Harrells site peeking at her blog roll.   Theres one at the bottom (because they are in alphabetical  order) ca…