How to deal with a Bad Boss

Blessed girl that I am, when I came home from my recent trip there was a package waiting for me with a book inside (thanks Dave!)

The book was Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist. As on the book jacket blurb, "This irreplaceable career handbook gives anything but standard advice to the next generation of workers. Penelope Trunk -in her very distinctive and candid way- provides indispensable guidance to millions of members of Generations X and Y."

I haven’t read it cover to cover yet, but I have been dipping into it, reading parts of it at random and loving it. My post title refers to this:

New Rule 33 for Success:
There are No Bad Bosses, Only Whiny Employees

Want to deal with a bad boss? First, stop complaining. Unless your boss breaks the law, you don’t have a bad boss; you have a boss you are managing poorly.

I spend so much of my working time getting less-than-good bosses to improve, this was refreshing to read for a change!

With further book dipping I quickly saw that Penelope takes her swipes at me and my generation of boomers pretty often (and I don’t take it personal, as a group we deserve it) but she levels out the reality checks both ways, no generation spared. Am really enjoying the read.

Take a look at Dave’s book review over at Rothacker’s Reviews.

As a side note, I showed the book to my Gen Y son to see if I could entice him into reading it, and his first (and so far only) comment was, "She’s just like you; girl author with a guy’s tie on the book jacket. Glad we don’t wear those things here."

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    Hi, Rosa. Thank you for writing about Brazen Careerist! The cover similarities of our two books are funny. I sure hope your son likes my book!

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    Aloha Penelope, you’ve written a jewel. Getting my son to read on his summer break (he will be a college junior in the fall) is a big chore, however you can be sure we’ll be talking about it as I continue to read it!
    My daughter is three years older, and I’ll be buying a second copy for her too – mahalo for writing it!