Observations on Audio Pilot

Driving again today, this time about 90 minutes each way.

(Yep, there can be a lot of driving on this island … off-the-subject trivia: Did you know that the Big Island of Hawaii could carry all the other Hawaiian islands in the chain atop it, and still have room to spare?)

I’m listening to an audio book via the car’s CD player, and as is my normal preference, it’s non-fiction and about business. It’s early in the morning, my prime time, and I’ve already downed a super-sized cafe latte, so before long I’m in the mood to debate the author, but of course it would be for naught – he wouldn’t hear me, and so where’d the fun be in that?

Then he says something pretty darn good. So good in fact, that I pull to the side of the road for a moment, fish around in my bag for my moleskine and a pen, and pause the CD so I can write something down that he’d caused me to think about.

What had just happened? I went from wanting to debate the guy to needing to capture his gems of wisdom in just a few nano-seconds.

It strikes me that in a way, listening to an audio book trains you to listen better. There’s no pressure that you’ll soon need to carry on your half of a conversation, so you just listen. You focus and just drink in the words. AND, when those yeah-buts might come into your head you’d best quiet them quickly and stop resisting, or you’ll miss the next thing coming – because unless you hit pause, the author is going to keep talking.

There’s something else that can happen too… you can do what I did…

When something pops into your head, you can pause the audio program, and write it down. Do that, and the something else that can happen is kinda cool… Chances are that when you un-pause and keep listening, the author has explained more or talked it out more, and BINGO! evolution and shift happens with the new input.

You think beyond where you originally had, or you think differently. Your own idea evolves.

Far as NLP-type programming goes (visual, auditory, kinesthetic etc.) I’ve always known my learning styles to be visual first, kinesthetic, and auditory last. But it can be pretty amazing how much more I have to learn about these audio tendencies that are supposedly last … could it be that’s where the biggest breakthroughs are possible?

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Obviously not me driving this morning (no CD player :) but I thought it was a great picture!

Are you wondering who I was listening to? Let’s see how good you are at guessing …

  • He’s very well known in business blog land, particularly about marketing
  • He calls himself an "agent of change"
  • He’s written a bunch of books, the latest about a 3-letter word, promising to help you "beat mediocrity" (haven’t read it yet)
  • He’s bald, and likes to have you click on his head at his website to get to his blog

Okay, that was too easy … but which book? One of his oldest ones, and one of my favorites: I listen to this CD once a year or so. See if you can guess before you click!


  1. says

    Rosa – I just listened to this book (thanks for the recommendation) and it really zoomed along at a fast clip, and left me with a wow in my head. I’ll be listening again, so thanks for reminding me about this book!
    I’m going to get his newest one on Audible.com shortly. He reads that one too!

  2. says

    Hi Phil, let me know how you like it. I haven’t rushed to buy it, feeling like the new ones don’t have all the power-packed impact that this one and Permission Marketing did; they are still the two I recommend. I eventually get to his new releases, but they haven’t been must-buys the moment they hit the shelves for me.