The word is WORK

How would you define it?

For me it’s been ho‘ohana.

The quickie Hawaiian lesson:

Hana is the word for work as a noun.
Put the ho‘o in front of it, the noun becomes the verb, as in to work.
Value that ho‘o, and it means to make something happen!

Work consumes about a third of your life. (Think: 24 hrs = 8 asleep, 8 working, 8 left.)

This sentence jumped out at me in an article called “Workplace Democracy ”“ The emergence of a community of independent workers” (link thanks to Anne Zelenka at Web Worker Daily):

Work in its basic form can be viewed as something someone does that brings them dignity while making a contribution to the world in which they live.

Mark Dowds, co-founder of

I like that.


Work comes in so many people-defining shapes and forms. [Flickr photo credit.]

Are you up for the one-sentence challenge? How would you define work?