Telemarketing is Broken

Rant alert + Coaching essay (If you are a telemarketer open-minded enough to accept it that way.)

If you are a telemarketer, I’d like to ask that you think about something: In fact, I insist on it.

  • Telemarketing to people at home, in their private, personal time, is VERBAL SPAM.
  • Training your callers to argue with them, is VERBAL PROSPECT ABUSE.

If the person who answers the call begins to get frustrated and starts to raise their voice, after trying to be polite and empathize with the caller that YOU set up for failure, WHY ARE YOU SURPRISED?

The system doesn’t work. REINVENT it. Get smarter. And please, stop abusing both your staff and a prospect you will now never, ever turn into a customer.


  1. says

    It’s tough to accept the fact that your business model is fatally flawed, when it has been producing results for many tears.
    Any business model that produces negative reactions to the initial sales contact is no longer viable in a “connected” marketplace. The bad news spreads faster than you can find new prospects.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. says

    Aloha David, thank you for adding your voice here, and with your follow-up posting on Ripples:
    Telemarketing in particular has no excuse in my view, for nearly everyone complains about it, and thus the total lack of empathy with the market by those who persist is even more maddening.
    What is outrageous is that it still works for them AT ALL, making it “tough to accept” as you point out.