Rapid Fire Learning | April 2007

It’s that time again; Steve Sherlock is taking his turn at hosting Rapid Fire Learning for us on Joyful Jubilant Learning. Ready? My charge to you this month was ‘Imi ola: Create Your Best Possible Life. How did you learn to do so?

1. I learned to take a new approach with that productivity staple called the To Do List. Mahalo to Tim Milburn for the inspiration!

2. I am currently learning how fortunate I was to earn my career stripes in the private sector, where we rarely will say, “We can’t.” I continue to love the business world of free enterprise when I compare it to the shackles of government and academia; within this month I have been challenged to be more effective in my coaching of those within those worlds. It requires me to be much more persistent, resilient and tenacious without purely being stubborn.

3. Self employment is a great teacher, and every April I learn much more financial literacy (and about how the private sector continues to finance the public sector”)

4. I learned about the phrase, “the banality of heroism” in learning what we’re capable of.

5. I am just beginning to learn how to lead a Learning Project for the growing Joyful Jubilant Learning Community, and I couldn’t be happier about it being in the workplace playground of strengths management. So far, I have learned I must deliberately position myself so that I can give my best where I have the best to give.

What about you? Please share your learning with the rest of us: You never know who you’ll inspire!

Here’s my tracking: January ’07, February ’07, March ’07.


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