Live Large with ‘Imi ola

Blog memes are generally le‘ale‘a (playful), but there are times they can truly make you think. Like this one about goals I’ve been tagged to participate in by Greg Balanko-Dickson, —which he was probably writing just as I was reading about it for the first time at Dwayne’s Genuine Curiosity. The timing was a bit startling ” or maybe not. Maybe it was just right. The Law of Attraction and all that good stuff, hmm?

Just so happens that the meme also fits perfectly with our value of the month, Imi ola, to create your own destiny, by intentionally crafting your best possible life. Goals which entice and excite you are an important part of ‘Imi ola, and I’m a big believer in visioning. Why? It works for me.


Creating a picture in my mind of what I need to be striving for is KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u; the mountain climbing of striving to the summit, and striving feels good. Writing goals is like painting this picture in my mind of what may be there at the top of the next mountain peak waiting for me. When I paint it, I choose it. Choice connects to intention (ho‘ohana) and I’m off and running.

I’m working on some really big goals right now;

1. I am totally re-writing my Business Plan for my company, Say Leadership Coaching. TOTALLY, and using the 470-some-odd steps in Greg’s book, Writing an Effective Business Plan (which he knows I’m doing, and which I suspect is why he tagged me!) At first I wanted to complete it by June, but now I sense the end of this summer is a more reasonable expectation. The evolution it creates for me in my ‘Imi ola is HUGE. It’s already starting.

2. Everything else that is a BIG goal pretty much connects with number 1 right now. My business affects the everything personal and professional of my life; intentionally and by design —it’s my ‘imi ola in creative process, and I like it this way! If you are one who has recently taken the SET assessment in Marcus Buckingham’s new book, Go Put Your Strengths to Work, you’ll understand what I mean when I share that my score before reading the book was 95 over 99. Tore that jacket off and went to my computer immediately ”“ couldn’t wait!

3. All my big goals relate to the 4 Peaks of Managing with Aloha; Living, Working, Managing and Leading with Aloha. Teaching with Aloha, which I recently introduced to all of you, is my ‘Imi ola in progress as I do my “mountain climbing.” It gives me the oxygen I need when the air gets thinner on the way up!

So I think I prefer to answer Greg’s tag with his Live Large! challenge in mind. Yesterday evening, Dean Boyer and were talking story about not allowing your beliefs to limit you (Dean is reading Seeing David in the Stone right now) and I’ve been wondering about that this morning too ” Living Large to me means that you simply won’t allow any self-imposed boundaries to get in your way.


Okay, so purely from my gut reactions to those thoughts, here are a few of my Living Large goals:

  1. Complete financial freedom for everyone I care about (which includes everyone in our Ho‘ohana Community reading these words). Money is transactional currency and not having it creates obstacles for people. So I don’t want those I love to have it so they’ll be rich, I want them to have it so they become free.
  2. Aloha-transformed workplaces for everyone in the entire working world. Jobs are supposed to become Roles which make your heart sing.
  3. Learning online AND off transformed in the loving hands of Teaching with Aloha and Joyful Jubilant Learning, both places where people have decided to Learn with Aloha. I believe in every person associated with those works-of-love, and in their capacity for lifelong learning with lokomaika‘i; the giving of good heart.
  4. A complete absence of negativity about our future. Yes, there are huge issues like poverty and global warming for us to deal with, however one of my un-limiting beliefs is that answers DO exist and we just have to find them.
  5. The freed-up time in my own life to curl up with a new book at least once a week, completing it in the smoked-and-signed way that Dave talks about. Because then, I’ll continually be inspired to keep adding to this list.

I tag the newest authors who have thrown their hat into the ring as contributors to Joyful Jubilant Learning.

I like the way that Greg ended his post, and so I will repeat it here;

“My challenge to each of you, is to blog transparently about your goals and Live Large! Because shrinking is not an option””

Do you want to Live Large with ‘Imi ola too? Craft your life by enrolling us in your intention, and add your list to the comments. Ho‘ohana!

P.S. Greg: I will go with you to see that volcano! The nap in the hammock on the beach you should do without me around for I’d probably be talking too much.


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    Way to go Rosa!
    I love your Living Large goals and am here to support you on the path to their achievement… ’cause I want to be there to celebrate with you.
    Rise up and become the dream!

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    Sounds great to me Greg – the more the merrier! Or as we say in Hawai’i, Laulima; many hands joined together and in aloha.

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    Blog transparently and Live Large. I love that. Reminds me of the moment I decided that quitting wasn’t an option.
    Happy Easter to you both.

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    Mahalo Tim, Happy Easter. This certainly is a day for living large in the spirit of rebirth; it’s a day to reflect on all the beautiful and bountiful possibility within us – just like you’ve done in that defining moment!

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    Learning what we’re capable of

    Greg Balanko-Dickson challenges us to “Live Large,” and in my response to Greg, one of the living large goals I had written, was to creating “The freed-up time in my own life to curl up with a new book at

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    I used everything you gave me… living large with joy

    It’s like jumping off a cliff without a parachute… You’d better hope you sprout wings real fast on the way down :) That is a little how I feel today, as I write this, my first post as a new