Ho‘ohana: Our Value for April is ‘Imi ola

Aloha Ho‘ohana Community,

Starting today, a slight change I have thought about for quite some time now. The essays for our Ho‘ohana value of the month program will be moving to the Managing with Aloha website.

  Really; no April Fool’s Day trickery in this posting!

This seems to be a good time, for our value of the month is ‘Imi ola, the one in which we concentrate on vision, mission, form and function. With ‘Imi ola, we work on the best possible design we’ve purposely engineered for the masterpiece we continually create each and every day; our life (ola).

In fact, it seems to be so logical that a Managing with Aloha value of the month program be on www.managingwithaloha.com that you may wonder why I didn’t do that in the first place. Me too!

No, there was a reason, and it was as simple as this; Talking Story came first and I couldn’t wait for the debut of MWA to share my values for worthwhile work in business with all of you. That’s how ingrained they are into my ho‘ohana and who I am. Then, featuring our monthly Ho‘ohana here became my Talking Story habit.

Now fast-forward two-plus years, and this is the today of my writing:

Talking Story has become the home of those in the Ho‘ohana Community who know of MWA and share in those values and practice most if not all of them, but who have more varied interests versus the focused step-by-step work of the MWA movement. Talking Story is a business-is-personal blog for me, and smart, community-savvy business has a bigger-picture view. I’m pretty realistic about how MWA fits into that picture though it may not be all of it (although that’s how I might prefer things!)

For instance, here is where you hear most about what I do with Joyful Jubilant Learning, the Teaching with Aloha Blog, and as a contributing author writing about management, leadership, communication and other things on Lifehack.org.

In contrast, www.managingwithaloha.com is all about MWA, and my audience there takes it much more personally (and as I have learned to, way, way seriously). Comments are fewer on that blog, but that is where most of my private emails about “the MWA movement and laboratory” can predominantly be traced to. Readers there want to MWA-focus, whether self-coaching via the MWA Jumpstart program or with my SLC help, and thus the Feedburner email alerts from there are the ones they watch for. My customers, e.g. those in all my coaching programs, largely are Managingwithaloha.com subscribers first.

Said another way, when Managingwithaloha.com subscribers have more blog-reading bandwith they come here and participate, but by preference, they’re not RSS subscribers as most of you who read Talking Story are. Like you probably do (the reason for my Writing Elsewhere feature), they come here when I make it easy for them and call their attention to related writings with specific links.

And, with the more bandwith you DO have, I am hoping you’ll still watch for and read my monthly Ho‘ohana essays! We are still all one ‘Ohana in Business.

I’ll make it easy for you too :-)

Without further ado, here’s the link for April:

Ho‘ohana: Our Value for April is ‘Imi ola

Ho‘ohana with me; Let’s Talk Story AND Manage with Aloha,