A Love Affair with Books and our Added Value

Hana Hou! “Let’s do it again!”

This morning the comprehensive index to A Love Affair with Books for 2007 was posted at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog. The added value you’ll find is in eleven more books listed via reviews that came in with their Trackback Sundays, and a “70+” program.

Last year, this is how we wrapped up the 2nd Annual A Love Affair with Books at Say Leadership Coaching:

A total of 72 hardcover business books were donated to the business library of Chaminade University in Hawai‘i, home of the Hogan Enterpreneurs. More than half of them were signed by the books’ authors with an encouraging message in celebration of the students’ intention with learning.
From the 2007 ALAWB intro on JJL.

This year, I made this commitment:

This year, SLC will do it again; I will purchase at least seventy books, double the number reviewed in our ALAWB this year, and donate them to a learning library here in Hawai‘i.
From the 2007 ALAWB recap on JJL.


At Teaching with Aloha, Dean was quick to cheer on the good cause with me, and we came up with this:

“70+” Championing Literacy as we Teach and Coach

Join in the good cause, adding our signature as teachers who coach. Here’s what you do:

  • Next time you buy a book for yourself, consider choosing one of those reviewed in the JJL 2007 ALAWB and buy two or three copies.
  • Then, give the others to two of your students and do a group read with them.
  • Discuss your own learning gleaned from the book so you learn together. Co-teach and co-learn.
  • Journal the process for the next step …
  • When you’ve completed the book, suggest you each choose another one, and repeat the process with new people, i.e. 1 group of 3 can now become 9 people learning.
  • ALSO: Be sure to comment at JJL and add your book count to the “70+” tally there!

Talking Story community, let’s participate too!

Buy a few books per the JJL reviewers’ suggestions, and add to the tally

We can do way, way better than that “70+” ” This is about all of us individually adding up to mega-results, mega-influence, and mega-aloha for the communities we live in.

Let’s demonstrate that aloha is palena ‘ole, without limits, because it starts within you, and YOU are without limits.

Book reviews. Reading. Learning. Community. Aloha. WOW! What a combination and force to be reckoned with. A positive, Talking Story way to use our voice for good.

Just as these very generous book reviewers did.

Keep in mind you can also view the JJL 2007 ALAWB selections at Shelfari thanks to Tim Milburn.