420 Quarters

“Where are you girl?” That was the beginning of one of my emails once I got back online this morning after nearly a week blog-quiet. Mahalo for thinking of me!

I’ve been traveling and working, traveling and conferencing (with Dean!more on that soon), and now I’m traveling and visiting my two kids during their Spring Break. One guess as to where we’ve rendezvoused:

Lv031907Yes, I’m playing! 420 quarters helps pay for a few days internet access when hotels still don’t get how annoying it is that they still charge for it. Still, I’ve learned to enjoy being in Las Vegas, for taking it in small doses gives me this “other world” snapshot which seems to stimulate a lot of different thinking tracks. Traveling anywhere does that for me, and Las Vegas offers up this particular challenge in looking deeper, to see more of what most who visit here don’t see; there is sense of place wherever you go.

I used to come here about twice a year in my Hualalai days pre-SLC and my self-employment, for there is a lot of business conducted in the city which never sleeps. Las Vegas was often the place that many of the conferences I needed to attend were scheduled when on their “west coast rotation.” However this trip is the first time I’ve seen this city through the eyes of someone here for college (my daughter) and it’s already different though I just arrived last night.

I’m still doing Spring Break ” who’d have thought? Whoever said, “you’re only young once” was wrong ” or maybe they thought our youth never ends. That I agree with.


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    Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Peppermint Patty

    I’ll let you in on what will always be a shared memory; Dean, his wonderful wife and I will forevermore think of ourselves as these three cartoon characters when we think of the 2007 ASCD Annual Conference and Exhibit Show

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    Hi Rosa,
    I hadn’t realized how much I missed “seeing” you on my feedburner until you weren’t there! I loved the link to the cartoon character piece.
    My brother lives in Las Vegas and I’ve always found it surreal to meet up with him there on my occasional conference visits. It does give me a different perspective, as you say.
    A hui hou

  3. Linda Mei says

    Hi Beth,
    How are you? I haven’t heard from you for so long.. altho’ your name has never been forgotten in my email distribution list. :) Hope you enjoy them.
    I have a question, I had just been appointed to be one of the “Women” of UTC and asked to participate in UTC Women Forum to coach, mentor, participate in their newsletter, etc. My question is, would it be fine or o.k. if I use some of Say Leadership Coaching’s advices, particularly those that relate to Management, Women in Business, etc., in UTC Women’s newsletter for women in business all over the world?
    Would very much appreciate your comment and/or input on this as I really really love and enjoy this FANTASTIC website (Beth, thank you for sending me the link to this website)! I think you all are so Positive, so much into self improvement and most definitely, success in life. I really admire your spirit, all!
    Linda Mei

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    Aloha Steve and Beth,
    At breakfast this morning, at one of those mega restaurants that must easily seat 300 people or so during one seating, it occurred to me how appropriate that phrase, “a crush of humanity” is here in Las Vegas. Every single one with a story to tell when they get back home ” and then there are those who work here; an impressive number all on their own! I asked our waiter if he knew everyone else working with him, and he said no ” he’d been working there about six months, but said it’s hard to keep up with the rate at which people come and go. You work hard at those connections, but then they get broken and you have to start over ” such a different perspective from the one we share here virtually!
    Aloha Linda Mei, welcome to Talking Story and to our Ho‘ohana Community! You are welcome to quote what is here; we simply ask that you offer a link back to credit those who’ve originally written the articles of your choosing. We are here to share our mana‘o and learn together, managing our lives and our work with aloha, and if you feel you can help our movement gain momentum, well, that would be a beautiful thing!
    A hui hou,
    Rosa Say

  5. Linda Mei says

    Aloha Rosa Say,
    Thank you so much for writing to me and YES, I will most definitely link back to credit all those great inspiring writers and quoters in this fabulous website!
    I will, too, share all the good stuffs from our UTC Women Committee. Wish me luck as this is all brand new to me.
    Take good care and once again, thank you for making me feel so very much welcome!
    Linda Mei