A Love Affair with Books and our Added Value

Hana Hou! “Let’s do it again!”

This morning the comprehensive index to A Love Affair with Books for 2007 was posted at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog. The added value you’ll find is in eleven more books listed via reviews that came in with their Trackback Sundays, and a “70+” program.

Last year, this is how we wrapped up the 2nd Annual A Love Affair with Books at Say Leadership Coaching:

A total of 72 hardcover business books were donated to the business library of Chaminade University in Hawai‘i, home of the Hogan Enterpreneurs. More than half of them were signed by the books’ authors with an encouraging message in celebration of the students’ intention with learning.
From the 2007 ALAWB intro on JJL.

This year, I made this commitment:

This year, SLC will do it again; I will purchase at least seventy books, double the number reviewed in our ALAWB this year, and donate them to a learning library here in Hawai‘i.
From the 2007 ALAWB recap on JJL.


At Teaching with Aloha, Dean was quick to cheer on the good cause with me, and we came up with this:

“70+” Championing Literacy as we Teach and Coach

Join in the good cause, adding our signature as teachers who coach. Here’s what you do:

  • Next time you buy a book for yourself, consider choosing one of those reviewed in the JJL 2007 ALAWB and buy two or three copies.
  • Then, give the others to two of your students and do a group read with them.
  • Discuss your own learning gleaned from the book so you learn together. Co-teach and co-learn.
  • Journal the process for the next step …
  • When you’ve completed the book, suggest you each choose another one, and repeat the process with new people, i.e. 1 group of 3 can now become 9 people learning.
  • ALSO: Be sure to comment at JJL and add your book count to the “70+” tally there!

Talking Story community, let’s participate too!

Buy a few books per the JJL reviewers’ suggestions, and add to the tally

We can do way, way better than that “70+” ” This is about all of us individually adding up to mega-results, mega-influence, and mega-aloha for the communities we live in.

Let’s demonstrate that aloha is palena ‘ole, without limits, because it starts within you, and YOU are without limits.

Book reviews. Reading. Learning. Community. Aloha. WOW! What a combination and force to be reckoned with. A positive, Talking Story way to use our voice for good.

Just as these very generous book reviewers did.

Keep in mind you can also view the JJL 2007 ALAWB selections at Shelfari thanks to Tim Milburn.

How we Choose to use our Voice

This is my post to answer a call I’ve seen from Ho‘ohana Community member Steve Sherlock to participate in Andy Carvin’s Stop Cyberbullying Day. Steve says,

We need to treat each other with respect. We need to have civil conversations.”

That is but the beginning, for the respect of someone’s human dignity is crucial. We need to do more than that, because we can. We need to make this personal, and ask ourselves how we use our own voices for good, just as I know Steve always does.

I have had a wonderful week, surrounded by people who are learning to Manage with Aloha, including a group just now making the key breakthroughs we anticipated they would within their ho‘ohana, with learning the day-by-day practice of the Daily Five Minutes ®. This is exciting stuff; it energizes me and gives me hope. It fills me with optimism and it renews my rock solid confidence in knowing that at their core, people want to start from a place of good, and their good, their aloha, is always there.

Your aloha is your love and respect of self.

Sometimes though, it’s gotten bruised and battered and it’s in hiding, and the human being who shelters the good of aloha within them chooses to act defensively at first, and then by lashing out in the misguided notion that watching others hurt just as much as they hurt will help them feel more normal in the now-shared experience of having to hold their pain.

I do not know all the details, however I strongly suspect that is what has happened for blogger Kathy Sierra (visit the Andy Carvin post if you are hearing of this for the first time). Kathy unfortunately, tragically, became someone’s very public target and now banner of shared pain. I know that some will say I’m being too generous with the “mean-spirited” involved here, and that their jealousy of her success and the way I explain it only justifies it for them, and shifts the blame to outside forces which may have damaged them, when they must be held personally accountable.

Not so. I too feel they must be held personally accountable, and that at this point they need an intervention to occur, because they need help. Their pain has gotten too severe, to the point of which their better judgment is clouded and they cannot help themselves without others getting involved. I applaud the efforts of the blogging community now rallying to support Kathy’s cause, and I hope she takes the legal efforts necessary to protect herself and her rights, and that she is successful with them.

I hold Kuleana, the Hawaiian value of responsibility: Those who did this to Kathy must take personal rsponsibility for their actions. They must apologize and make amends if they are to completely become whole again so their aloha spirit can resurface.

However I am also one who subscribes to the theory of the Law of Attraction; if we hate them we feed into that hate and keep it running rampant. If we choose instead to intently seek the root causes of their actions and be those willing to help them get healthy again, that is the behavior we keep vibrantly alive.

And as you all know by now, I believe in aloha, and that it exists somewhere in all of us. All of us.

So what can you do?

If you are one close to Kathy’s case, who knows more of the details and can significantly help her and the police identify those who can reveal their ‘root cause’ I urge you to do so.

The rest of us must also look at our own circles of influence and ask ourselves, “What can I do? How can I use my voice in the best possible way?”

This is what we are seeing bloggers do right now, and aloha workplace coach that I am, I urge them to keep positive and keep proactive. Use your voice to fill our blogosphere with aloha and with the words of the positive energies which have bonded us together so strongly up to this point. Do not feed into the hate, for if you do so, you allow something outside of you to push your own aloha into hiding. You are stronger and smarter than that.

I am very proud of the bloggers who associate themselves with the Ho‘ohana Community. I can assure you that everyone I have listed as the past forum contributors on this home page’s blogroll have positive voices. I can assure you that everyone I have listed on this page, titled Who is the Ho‘ohana Community? have positive voices (and I do need to update that page; please let me know if you want to be listed there). As Terry so brilliantly coaches us to continually be, we are half-fullers, and as Phil so generously coaches us to do, we seek only to make it ”“ and everything involved in “it” ”“ great, and no less than great. Without my directly needing to tell them so, because they know me, every one of these bloggers knows that I have a zero-tolerance for using our voices for any negativity that feeds into the hate which can push aloha aside.

It may seem like a small thing, but the moment I might learn they use their voices for less than good, their links quietly disappear, for I refuse to enable any downward slide into pessimism. Negative comments here and on any of my sites (yes, I have had them too) are deleted immediately as I become aware of them.

However here’s the thing: Those who make poor choices are not banned or disowned either. I trust in their aloha, and when it resurfaces, so does their link. I believe in the aloha I KNOW resides within them, and I TRUST that because it’s there it will resurface. I cannot live my life in any other way, and I urge you to live your life that way too.

  • This, A Love Affair with Books, now happening on Joyful Jubilant Learning with Blaine’s coaching today to use our strengths, “for bringing strengths to the forefront of one’s professional life, and minimizing attention and time spent on areas of weakness,” is the latest example of how the Ho‘ohana Community as a force of positive learning, chooses to use their voices. Yes, Say Leadership Coaching IS the sponsor of the JJL site, and those bloggers also know my line in the sand with negativity and pessimism. They take very seriously their responsibility with the aloha they must help flourish and thrive through learning. They do it magnificently, and I am immensely proud of them.

All connects to aloha, and to the human spirit in which I place my faith and my trust.

How will you, and how do you consistently choose to use your voice?

Keep aloha in your spirit.

Rapid Fire Learning | March 2007

Tim Milburn is hosting our Rapid Fire Learning on Joyful Jubilant Learning this month! I had one particular favorite from those he shared there; click over to the comments and you’ll discover which it was :-)

I LOVE this new feature we’ve started on JJL. We do this to celebrate the immense capacity we have for learning ”“ we all CAN be lifelong learners, and furthermore, I strongly believe we must. I guarantee you that you have learned more this month than you may think you have; write it down. Track it every month with us, and marvel at the capacity you have for learning. Marvel at the wonder that you are.

writing my talk ” here goes ” stream of consciousness ” real quick ” 5 things I learned this month;

1. I learned a new way to comprehend the wisdom of the practice Julia Cameron calls an “artist date.”

There are two tools Cameron talks about in her coaching of writers, calling them, “two bedrock tools essential to any creative recovery.” One involves work, something she calls “Morning Pages” and the second, the “Artist Date” involves play; she says that once weekly, we need to take a solitary, festive expedition targeted at enticing our inner artist into exploring new realms ”“ take in a solo movie, visit an art supply shop, take a jaunt through Chinatown; that sorta thing.

The work is a cinch for me, the play part is much tougher to master. My new learning (not an original thought for me, but newly heard coaching from Cameron) was in thinking of Morning Pages as sending ”“ think Law of Attraction, and how free-form, stream of consciousness writing helps you tell the Universe what you’d like more of. On the other hand, the Artist Date is receiving; “you hear hunches, inspiration, guidance, and as your inner listening improves, you experience increased synchronicity.” Now this concept of sending versus receiving I get; it’s like the giving and receiving of The Daily Five Minutes.

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Add Value to People

Tim Milburn is one of my heroes. Has been ever since I’ve known him. Tim inspires me.

Here is another reason why; Tim has done something fabulous yet again:

Add Value to People

For the next 103 days, I figure I can be in the Tim and Kerry parade doing one of their suggestions a day. Join me, for it’s pure aloha, freely given.

Click on the cover and download your copy today.