Rapid Fire Learning | February 2007

Blaine Collins is hosting our Rapid Fire Learning at Joyful Jubilant Learning this month!

Stream of consciousness ” real quick ” 5 things I learned this month;

1. You might think you can prepare for something that is expected to happen, but all you can prepare for are the things which are under your own control. Other people are always wild cards. Still, being prepared yourself helps you deal better with those wild cards.

2. Life is simpler when you can stick to one role with the people who are closest to you. If you’re mom, be mom. If you’re friend, be friend. If you’re boss, be boss. And be the best at that role you’ve chosen.

3. I’ve written more about aloha than I ever thought it possible to write. Yet I’m not even close to covering all that is still to be written about it.

4. The older I get, the less stuff I need to have. Pretty liberating.

5. When more people jump on the bandwagon it doesn’t necessarily mean something is right. It may just mean that more people are wrong. It can help to just be right for you, asking yourself, “Now why am I doing this again?”

However, the RFL at JJL is a great bandwagon to be on! My why is to continually acknowledge and celebrate the richness that being a lifelong learner brings to my life. There are different events this month condensed into these five things for me, and I love knowing that each (or some of them combined) gives me the gift of learning.

This was how we started this last month: Rapid Fire Learning | January 2007. I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee and click through all the trackbacks.

You’ve got five more days in February ” what are your five learnings? If your month has been anything like mine, you’ve discovered that a short month doesn’t mean there’s less, just that there’s more intensity.

February is Blaine’s birthday month; blog your own RFL’s and send him a trackback here and here. Hau‘oli la hanau Blaine!


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing Rosa! There are valuable lessons here.
    Thinking out loud a bit, I see numbers 1 and 5 combining well for additional meaning. Prepare and control what we can and be true to our own judgments of what is right for ourselves. Personal fulfillment and growth can come from this foundation alone.
    Broadening the scope, positive interactions and collaboration with others offer bonuses for further enrichment.

  2. says

    Good blending Blaine! Certainly a good formula for keeping one’s sanity :-)
    Jumping to your next point, we can then be much better collaborators if we have started with self-awareness and integrity first.