Another 5er; Game on! Beautiful Blogging.

Pete Aldin wants to know, Why I Blog.

I know that Pete didn’t intend this, but I sorta feel like it’s a trick question for me to see if I remember what I’ve said about it before ” the last time was on Joyful Jubilant Learning: Writing, Blogging, Business, and Learning Through it All … and I left a harvest of links there that tells a lot of the full story.

So this time, let’s see if I can make it short and sweet — and for the here and now. After three years of it, I blog now, in 2007 because

  1. Blogging is loads of FUN for me, it really is. Sometimes I get pretty annoyed that work gets in the way of my blog time (like it did this past week ” Pete saved me from lying on a Sunday Review that should be up today.) To blog is to have a rollicking good time.
  2. Blogging has introduced me to some of the most wonderful PEOPLE living on this earth, and all over the globe — like Pete! Through blogging the Ho‘ohana Community has grown like gangbusters. I meet more of you every day, and I get humbled by your blessings in my life. The graphics in this post were given to me by Tim Milburn and Dwayne Melancon with 1000% aloha
  3. Blogging makes me feel SMART, because it’s taught me an amazing amount of web geekery. Who would have ever thought I’d be a techie?!? Imagine, a baby boomer keeping up with the web savvy of her two Gen Y kids. MySpace is for rank amateurs ”“ hah!
  4. Blogging challenges me to be more CREATIVE.Holkelke_2006

    Themes, interviews, forums, spin-off blogs, carnivals, ever-evolving sidebars (and I still say this is a business blog). And of course the writing. Blogging won’t let me be boring and uninteresting; I’ve got to keep working on myself. (My kids appreciate this one too” “my mom? Nah, she’s not that old yet. She does stuff.”)

  5. I love my journals, my book, and my private writing (did you know Word docs can magically multiply? I swear.) However there is something about blogging which makes my writing come ALIVE! The link love, the Google hits to stuff I forgot I wrote, the comment that pops up when I thought a conversation was exhausted and over. Search spiders playing in the mud of blog archives is pure magic for adults. Absolutely delightful.

Now this is the part where I always break the rules. I cannot choose only 5 more people to tag with this, just can’t. If you are in the Ho‘ohana Community (and if you are reading this, you are), I tag you. Send me a trackback!


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    Not just something tekky Pete. To feel a step ahead of virtually anyone younger who may think we’re dinosaurs in some way is pure bliss. Doesn’t even matter if they realize it or not, as long as we ourselves do! My kids for example, will not utter that quote in #4 above to me directly; other caring adults tell me they’ve said it!

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    Catching the ‘why we blog’ virus

    Why do I blog? Well, this particular post is because my dear friend Chris from Pink Apple tagged me! Can that be reason #1? Seriously, this meme has been getting round for a while now, and some – like Rosa,

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    Big Brother Blog, Little Sister Coach

    Coaching and Blogging; could this be a match made in Business Heaven? They surely seem to be siblings growing up together in the same household. Greg Balanko-Dickson did a posting at Joyful Jubilant Learning yesterday that got me thinking: Coaching