Aloha and Love, 3by3

“This is a deep, permanent human condition, this need to be loved and to love.”

Annie Prouix


Take the time to celebrate Valentine’s Day; it’s very good for you.

I wish you aloha, I wish you love,


A 3by3 from the archives;

What I love about Valentine’s Day is that love does not lend itself to easy purchases. I’m sorry to burst the bubble of all you retailers out there, but speaking as a woman for the moment, gifts of chocolate, flowers, lingerie and jewelry are perceived as the easy way out. They’re nice extras, but they don’t really count. I’d venture to say that guys feel the same about their favorite brew, leis (well, leis in Hawai‘i) ties and tools.

I have been known to say that the best gifts don’t come wrapped in boxes. I do believe that. Read the rest here.

In my humble opinion, this is a day we take too much for granted, or just let slip by us. I’ve been the guiltiest of us all in this, and I’m trying my best to make up for lost time.

In Hawaii, there is a phrase which you will often hear in songs and chants:

He waiwai nui ke aloha, ‘o ka‘u nō ia e pÅ«lama nei.

Love is of great value, it is what I do cherish.

On this Valentine’s Day, I’d urge you to think of everyone you love, and not just the one you may be romantically involved with. Read the rest here.

Oh yeah, you knew this was coming from me at some point, didn’t you. This is the 21st Thursday column “the aloha lady” has written for Leon (thank you for loving me Leon!) and it’s February, just two days after Valentine’s Day, so I’m taking my shot.

Now don’t roll your eyes. Be brave, be open-minded, and keep reading, for you have to admit you’d love your job a whole lot more if there was a whole lot more to love about it. I’m hoping I can help you get there by helping you LOVE you at work.

Let’s do this: Empathy is a skill we all need in life, empathy being the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. When you empathize with someone, you can feel some of the things they feel without being in their same circumstances. An exercise in empathy is a good way for us to look at this question of where LOVE is needed in business, and at work, so we start to reap some of the joy in it. You’ve got to agree that love is joyful! Read the 9 Views here.