1. Dean Boyer says

    A chemist friend told me years ago that a catalyst did not really cause anything to happen, which is what I thought. He said a catalyst really lowers resistance so change can occur. For me, that presents a different set of applications of your article. Thanks for making me think again!

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    Hmmm … that does put a different spin on it Dean! Resistance does create drag and push-back, and chances are we’ll encounter some of it even when promoting positive change. The trick to it is not allowing the resistance to discourage you. People may listen with an early cautionary stance, but it is just caution and their warming up to your idea. Could be that we just have to match up our pace with theirs.

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    Hi Rosa
    Terrific thought-provoking stuff. Expect a trackback in the next couple of days as I pick up the them and run down the Pink Apple path with it.
    Thanks for sparking a creative thought!

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    Want the Bad Change or the Good Change

    Pink Apple is about helping couples move away from the ho-hum in their relationships and refind the zing. I help couples find positive ways to flip/change any stagnant patches in their ongoing lives to gether. So I was struck by

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    Change it up!

    When my kids were younger I was quite a sucker for Disney movies, for besides being pretty good TV for my children (other than the occasional miss), they proved to be a goldmine for complementary management lessons I could take