The Way Business Planning Should Be

I have waited for this day for weeks now, never thinking it could arrive soon enough. Now that it is here, I feel whole.

And guess what? It’s all about WORK.

“Sometime earlier in December, we take a two-night, three-day retreat to work on our Business Plan as an ‘Ohana in Business, deciding what our strategic initiatives for Say Leadership Coaching will be in the New Year to follow.

It brings us to the closure of one year, and the deep, no-holds-barred planning re-energizes us for the next.

As we do with many of our customers, we start with Vision, and we write our Mission. We take care to be sure both align with our Values.

Last, we own it, re-writing our personal and professional Ho‘ohana (the ‘Imi ola Mission Statements).”

Today is Day One!

This will be the fourth time I have done this since Say Leadership Coaching was born (2007 will be our fourth year in business). In the past three years, this has been a no-frills kind of thing, done at my home office and mixed in with the interruptions of normal office hours. Not really a “retreat” at all.


This year however, we are going up to a cabin at Volcano Village, just outside of Volcano National Park. The cabin is one of bed-and-breakfast comfort and luxury, with a fireplace that is very necessary this time of year at that elevation, but we will truly be sequestered so we can focus, focus, focus, and FOCUS.

This is the oh-so-necessary part of our process that comes before Ho‘omaha, my hiatus and annual sabbatical for Nānā i ke kumu.

Read more about it in the posting I did for Managing with Aloha Online today:

Blending Vision and Mission with the Season

I am so excited.

This is the way that Business Planning is supposed to be.

How do you do it?

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  1. says

    Aloha Pete,
    Our retreat was a fabulous success! We nailed all the things we wanted to accomplish, and are very excited about our prospects for the coming year! We did need that fireplace ” Volcano National Park is at an elevation of 4000’ and there was snow at the summit of Mauna Kea while we were there.
    We are back in the saddle of work with intention now, quite charged up! I wrote more on our Ho‘olālā process here on today: