Thankful for the Difficult

Quite unexpectedly, yet perfectly timed, this morning I find that I am thankful for several things which have proved difficult for me lately. And I do mean several. I have to wonder what I’m doing to attract them! Yet I think all this difficulty will serve to make me better. Striving to improve these things, and working in that stream of thought where I want to emerge in a different way, is good for me.

I need this feeling right now, which is one of self-reckoning with large doses of humility. Humility helps me learn certain things I don’t focus on enough in those times where I’m more bold and confident. Stepping gingerly can be mastery’s partner too. When I go through times like this, mahalo is so good to draw from. Mahalo; living in thankfulness for all the elements which make my life so precious.

Yes, this is good.