No longer a Sony customer

Like many 19-year olds, my son would love to get his hands on a Sony PS3. However gratefully, my son is a human being savvy enough to realize that getting one right now is just not worth it.

Knowing his mom as he does, I am sure he also understands that as much as I still adore playing Santa Claus for my kids, he is not getting a PS3 for Christmas.

In fact, in light of what is happening, he won’t get one for his birthday when April comes around either.

The way this product release has been handled is as irresponsible as a company can get. Creating hysteria and knowingly pitting gamers against each other and holiday shoppers to play the puppet strings of supply and demand for a product is just plain wrong. If you cannot produce enough (doubtful in Sony’s case) then distribute it in a narrower market and up the price if you have to, so that you handle the purchase experience as any ethical business person would.

I will never buy anything from Sony ever again.

As for the retailers participating in this madness, I’m not feeling much aloha for you now either. I am in total disagreement with the so-called retail and marketing experts who,
"…put the onus on the people involved in the unruliness, not Sony Corp. or retailers for whipping up a frenzy about the product." From the Boston Herald.

I am not condoning the consumer behavior in the rash of unfortunate incidents that have resulted, however there is no excusing Sony Corp for purposely dangling the carrot in the first place, fully cognizant of what they were doing. Apparently they have gone through this before.

Take a look at my post footer for the categories this falls into; the whole situation violates just too many of my values. I have been in business all my working life, and am one of the most understanding people around when it comes to the business side of things, but in this case, Sony and their retailers get no empathy from me whatsoever.

They will also cease to get my patronage.


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    Rosa, there might not be a more understanding person than you on the planet. As I have also experienced an unfortunate set of circumstances (read: costly) with S%#@, I will join you in the ranks sister, of never buying another product of theirs in the future.

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    Thank you for the affirmation Dave. I don’t have a personal or personally costly bone to pick with Sony, I am simply dismayed at their disregard for human dignity in favor of cash flow.
    I also believe that the holidays are a time for handling our children’s dreams with care.
    In the many talks and presentations I do for Managing with Aloha, I consistently champion our world of business, holding business people up as examples of the noble movers and shakers we can be, and Sony casts an unfortunate shadow on the light of those who conduct their businesses with honor.

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    Ever vote with your wallet?

    Of course, you vote with your wallet – every time you spend money. I was just reading an article on Talking Story in which Rosa talks about the reasons she will never buy a Sony product again. That is capitalism