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Thankful for Learning; Thanksgiving 2006

Original Post:

I think learning might be like learning to fly.

I can’t fly of course, but I feel I can imagine it, and I do imagine it is sort of like this feeling.

I’ve felt like I’ve sprouted wings since September, and I am quite sure it is due in large part to the turbo-charged energy infused into the learning of our Ho‘ohana Community.

There’s been a host of electronic stuff for me, such as Skype (finally!), BlogTalk Radio with Wayne Hurlbert, collaborative writing on Google Docs and Spreadsheets, a few new ways to use Basecamp for my client’s project management, and most recently, Userplane thanks to Greg Balanko-Dickson being willing to coach me through it.

Believe it or not, I’ve also been re-learning some old tricks I’d forgotten with using Excel as a List Manager. My when-I’m-sitting-at-my-desk productivity has soared lately, and with the holidays coming up, you can bet that I’m loving it.

As busy as that all sounds, all the learning has added a lightness to my spirit; maybe that’s why I keep thinking it’s like flying. Ironically it may be that what I am learning most of all is to Let Go of certain things, for I admit to being pretty high-control by nature. “Nalu it” (to go with the flow) was such a good Ho‘ohana for me to personally practice through-out October.

What have you been learning?

How’d you feel about sharing a short sentence or two about it, with all of us at Joyful Jubilant Learning? I know that Steve, and Tim, and Blaine will be.

We have an open call posted there at JJLN called “Thankful for Learning” and you just might inspire someone to learn as you have. Here are the details;

On Thursday, November 23, 2006, the day that we celebrate the American Thanksgiving Day, we’d like to celebrate our thankfulness for YOU, the Ho‘ohana Community of readers of Joyful Jubilant Learning, by getting your “Learner’s voice” [there] on the blog.

How would you finish this phrase?

“I am
thankful that I am a Joyful Jubilant Learner!

Why? Since October I have learned …”

QuillTell us what you have learned; You may inspire another with the same wish to seize your idea, eager for their own taste of joyful learning.

Send your answers in 50 words or less to our Community Mailbox by 12noon Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday, November 22nd.

Be sure to sign your forum entry, and include a link to your primary blog if you have one. Then click in on November 23d to see your sharing published with the rest of the Community.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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