The Price of School Books- One Option

Post Update: I notice that if you are reading this via BlogLines or another feed reader you might not see the buy buttons I’m referring to: Click in to the blog to see them:

I have bemoaned the high price of schoolbooks before:

The price of schoolbooks and the cost to reading.

As a parent of two college-aged kids, these ads were a welcome sight for me, and so I am sharing them for anyone else who might want to save what dollars they can.

Use the buy button above for new books, and the one below for used books.

When you click in, you will also see an option to sell your own used books still hanging around from last semester. Jump on it … they age fast!


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    Aloha Rosa… just discovered your site through Phil Gerbyshak’s blog. This is a great post, Rosa, and one that is very relevant for me. As I teach MBA classes part-time, I try to take great care to find resources that will be relevant to my students long after they receive their grade. In all of my classes, I’ve abandoned traditional textbooks in favor of more “commercially viable” material. My students appreciate the effort, and I enjoy teaching from books that I know I myself favor. It’s also beneficial for the students because many of my texts can be ordered on Amazon or from major book chains.

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    Aloha Timothy, welcome to Talking Story!
    I have the great pleasure of speaking to Hawaii MBA classes on occasion, and have found that you are in good company, with the MBA Profs and Deans here making the break from traditional textbooks too – including using MWA which pleases me greatly!