Creating Community Evangelists

A quick check-in; my travels have kept me from blogging much for you, and you may be wondering what I’m up to.

I am in Peoria Illinois this week to bring Managing with Aloha to a wonderful group of leaders and managers. My first impressions of this group have been pervasive; that is, they all demonstrate it. Simply stated, they love their work and what they do.

It is such a wonderful thing when you find a workplace like this, where people truly love being in each other’s company, and they genuinely feel good about their work; it is worthwhile, meaningful and personally rewarding for them.

One of my first encounters with the atmosphere they have created was with someone who doesn’t actually work for them, the driver taking me from the airport to my hotel. When he found out why I was in town, he began to sing their praises, letting me know how fortunate I was to be their guest, for “they are such terrific people, and everyone who works with them are great people too: I pick up a lot of them, and I’ve yet to meet one it hasn’t been a pleasure to talk to” implying that by association, I had automatically been inducted into his club of good people to meet.

Think about that:
What your company does, and how they do it, is very visible to the rest of the community you operate in. Are you creating community evangelists eager to sing your praises? It certainly fits into our value of ‘Imi ola, and creating the best possible form for your business life.