Being successful is not good enough; people must Thrive.

… we are in a crucible of long overdue change in Hawaii’s business environment, particularly in regard to our hospitality industry. With less than 3% unemployment and in dire need of managerial and professional talent, Hawaii is in the throes of a labor crisis, a housing crisis, and an educational quandary. We cannot continue to thrive if we are not brave enough, and smart enough, to champion change which may be uncomfortable for many, but which is indisputably necessary.

However I am an optimist! I love the place I live in far too much to not be…

… The guest-host-place business model speaks to sense of place in a manner you may not have previously considered before. If you love where you live, and you consider yourself part of tourism, travel, or any ‘hospitality industry’ you will want to learn of it.

It IS a business model.

If you would like to learn more, please read Managing with Aloha Online today. I truly would welcome your comments there:
Peter Apo’s “Behind the Aloha”