An ‘Imi ola Form for Business: POP ² Management

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I love using acronyms.

They are a coach’s best friend, because acronyms are the stuff of mantras. They keep people focused, provide teams with decision-making filters, and create the Language of Intention in organizations.

I create acronyms all the time for customers by simply restringing the words they themselves are excited about in their values, visions, and missions. In turn, they will take over and make them mantras, sayings and battle cries. That way it starts and ends as theirs: They own it because essentially they did author the building blocks of it, I just shorten it into acronyms or 5, 6, or 7-point lists they can remember easily and inculcate into the company culture.

Last summer, I created MWA3P for our MWA workplace productivity module. MWA of course, is for Managing with Aloha and D5M is for the Daily 5 Minutes. My recent favorite with a few customers has been POP ² Management.

POP ² Management is the subject of my Thursday article on today, and you can click in there to read more about it. I’ll give you the quick breakdown here:

P— People concerns come first; staff, customers, all stakeholders. And people are values-driven today, perhaps more than they have ever been.

O— Objective is still important: What we call it now, is usually vision, mission, and strategy.

P ²— Process is still important too, for we can’t ignore task, the “stuff” of our businesses. However it is Purpose-driven Process. We have no patience for any other kind.

What POP ² helps me coach, is management strategy with this simple focus: People expect more today, which means they expect more of you as a manager. When you go back and break down each component of POP ² you can easily see how the attention span and wanting of people filter all through it.

I mention it here on Talking Story, because our value for the month of August is ‘Imi ola.

Acronyms and mantras are definitely the stuff of ‘Imi ola, creating some form which will help you build your best possible life. In the case of POP ² Management it’s about business and workplace life.

However there is no reason you can’t create a personal mantra which speaks to your own, very personal living of ‘Imi ola. Something to think about, and something to have fun with.

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