An Entrepreneur at Six

For the past three years now, I have spent the last Saturday in July at Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park for the Volcano Wilderness Run. It’s become a whole weekend affair immensely good for body and soul.

You could join us you know;

Mark your calendar now and plan for it next year: July 28, 2007. What a tremendous Ho‘ohana Community adventure that would be! You have a choice between 5 miles (Walk or Run), 10 miles, and marathon.

We drive up on Friday afternoon, and pamper ourselves for two nights at one of the Volcano Village bed and breakfast cottages, surrounded by rainforest, and feeling we are on blessed earth. It is a time when the yellow kahili ginger are in majestic bloom, and their scent pervades your senses with a kind and gentle delicacy. When it is clear, you are privy to what surely must be one of the rarest displays of starry lit skies on the planet, and when it rains the respectful quiet will reveal more pattering sounds than you’d thought nature’s watering could make.

Rain or no rain, our Sunday morning tradition has been another short three or four mile run to keep our tired legs somewhat limber, with the dawn-kissed Volcano streets seemingly made for our routine. We always wake early, but feeling incredibly refreshed no matter the run results the day before. Somehow, your subconscious is fully aware you are in a special place, and daybreak is not to be missed. By 7:00am we’ve already done the miles, showered and changed for a pre-breakfast stop at the Volcano Village Farmer’s Market.

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Have you noticed? – Issue 2

In the spirit of Lokomaika‘i, our value of the month (giving and generosity), I have noticed that I need to do a better job in sharing some learning links with you!

[Issue 1 was here.]

Our Ho‘ohana community continues to rock and roll!

Great stuff awaits in these links; get inspired, and then ask yourself, In the spirit of Lokomaika‘i, who else can I share this with?

Have you noticed?

” that Stacy Brice wrote an exceptional article for the 4th of July over at Virtual Moxie, called Happy Indepence Day! Now don’t for a moment jump to the conclusion its just a seasonal essay and feel you may have missed the moment, for Stacy gives some outstanding coaching there on how you can create your own personal independence day any day of the year.

Love that word moxie, and I need to use it more…

… that we have found another book fanatic in Terry St.Marie (aka Starbucker) at Ramblings From a Glass Half Full, and those so-called “ramblings” of his are really quite focused. If you want some suggestions so you aren’t aimlessly rambling down the aisles in your next visit to a bookstore, read Terry’s reviews. Here are three to start: click through his blog for more.

The Half-Full Book Review – The Radical Edge by Steve Farber
The Half-Full Book Review – Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz

The Half-Full Book Review ”“ The Joy of Work by Dennis Bakke

… that Wayne Turmel has released his first-ever Cranky Middle Manager e-book! It is called Meet Like You Mean It, and is aimed at helping you get the most out of every meeting you attend and facilitate. I’ve had the opportunity to read it, and Wayne did a fabulous job. I’ve railed against bad meetings before, and how much they can cost you; Here’s an e-book that will give you some immediate help in creating the huddles that make a difference.

Read more about “Meet Like You Mean It”- a Cranky Middle Manager’s Guide to Productive and Painless Meetings. Lisa Haneberg talks about it here too.

Speaking of that “Cranky Middle Manager” in all of us, the one who likes to come out and play, (but then always ends up doing the right thing),

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The Generosity of the Huddle

My Thursday column for today is an update of an older Talking Story post which was originally called Another Take on Meetings: The 5-Point Plan. It came back to focus for me recently while bringing the communication module I have for SLC within the MWA3P program to a local management group: When I’m asked to help “improve communication in our organization,” one of my early questions in response will be “tell me about the meetings you regularly schedule.”

When meetings are held well, you can really engineer a dramatic turnaround in the allover effectiveness of communication and productivity, because people feel they have a predictable, reliable and valuable way to bank the knowledge currency they need for all subsequent work. The football analogy I reference in my 5-Point Meeting Plan is a good one to think about, for the inherent messages within a huddle are:

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The Generosity of Delegation

Within our Ho‘ohana this month, we have talked of such things as the Generosity of Silence, the Generosity of Listening, and the Generosity of Laughter. When it comes to Managing with Aloha, the Lokomaika‘i connection which normally comes to mind for me first and foremost is with the art of delegation.

Delegation generous?
Oh yes! When you delegate in the right way and with the right intention.

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The Generosity of Delegation