Six Scoops of Aloha For 06-06-06!

Commemorate the day in a playful and aloha-filled way!

Last year we had so much fun with this, finding that in Le‘ale‘a, our playfulness, we could reap a whole lot of good for our own attitude and spirit.

Only today ”05-05-05
This is not your normal day!

I just had to do this again; consider this a spontaneous Talking Story mini forum!

06_erniephoto credit

Same thought: 06-06-06 will never happen again this century” this is a great day to make things happen instead of letting them happen to you”

In celebration of our Ho‘ohana this month with Le‘ale‘a, I’ve got 6 thoughts for you on how you can be more playful today and celebrate your joy for the day;

1. Give out six kisses or six hugs to people you appreciate today, not because they’ve done something to deserve them, but just because you want to.

2. Hand-write some cool post-it notes, and paste them around the workplace.

“This place wouldn’t be the same without you—thanks!”

“The work you do rocks!”

“Did you know you’re the best there is at what you do?”

“I want to be just like you.”

“You are the aloha spirit personified!”

“Sneak out early today—I won’t tell!”

3. Don’t just listen to that iPod; sing or dance along to the music.

4. Play with whoever serves you when you’re the customer today. For instance, help the waiter clear your table (and then tip him outrageously well.) Write a short letter to your mail carrier and leave it in your mailbox as the only out-going one for pick-up.

5. Turn off the TV and pull out those old board games tonight: Gather your family around you with Life, Clue, Scrabble, or another old classic.

6. Comment on six other blogs today, inviting them to join in our game and play with us!

What other ideas can you come up with to spread some joy, cheerfulness and playfulness in our world today? Share your Six Scoops of Le‘ale‘a ke Aloha; playfulness and aloha on a very special day, by commenting below (or trackback from your own site if you blog :-)

Some added incentive for you”

06 — I’ll be giving away 6 free copies of Managing With Aloha
06 — to the first 6 people

06 — who share their 6 ideas!

Better yet if they are more than ideas, for you’ve already made them happen :-)

What do you think? Want to play?

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  1. says

    Rosa, I started my new blog venture today with 6 posts, one on each of my 6 blogs. I’ll be having some fun later today by spreading some comments and good cheer around the blogosphere.