Our June Ho‘ohana: Le‘ale‘a – Let’s Play!

Yes, yes, yes, yes YES! June is here and so is the coming of summer.

There are times when I feel fully aware of the commanding presence of Mother Nature, and that there are forces in play which are much bigger than the everything of human kind, even as egocentric as we are prone to be.

It need not be something spectacular like the power of a raging sea or the forceful coming of an unstoppable hurricane. It is as predictable and comforting as the change of the seasons. Even in Hawai‘i, where leaves do not change colors with the Fall, and that nasty hurricane can bring snow to Mauna Kea when we least expect it, we do feel the change of the seasons, Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Winter, and then Winter to Spring once again. The marching of our seasons are not as visible, and temperature changes are so gradual they are barely noticeable, but when it is a certain time of year, we know it. We sense it. We thrill to it.

I’m quite sure you know exactly what I’m talking about. Wherever you may live, the turn of the calendar page means certain things to you. Those feelings you associate with them are good, are right, and arrive with flawless timing. You feel like turning your face up to the heavens, and asking with wonder, “How did you know I needed you just now?”

June 1st is one of those calendar markers that are magic. It’s the quintessential half-way point which manages to be about satisfying accomplishment and new beginnings all at the same time. However because it also announces the coming of summer, it helps us lighten up. That may be its best gift of all.

June is this terrific stress reducer for us, giving us a kind of permission to stop taking ourselves and our lives so darn seriously. It’s summer, and so it is time to pare down, de-clutter, put the breaks on any unnecessary effort, and actually fit in time — lots of time — to play. It is time for hikes and beach days, bicycle rides and movie nights,   bug hunts and water gun fights smiling and laughing throughout them all. Mother Nature knows that the joy of lighthearted play is very, very good for us.

Our value for the month of June is one I have not written of for you before, and it is one I neglected to include in Managing with Aloha to my great regret. I am not sure how I missed writing about it, and should the day come that I print a revised edition of MWA I will have to add it in. It is a value perfect for the month of June, and so rather than dwell on my misstep with my book, I prefer to think it was destined for now: It is Le‘ale‘a, pronounced Lay-ah lay-ah, the value of playfulness.

We have worked very hard in the first five months of the year, and I think we deserve a break! It’s been a good year thus far, where we have”

Welcomed 2006 with Ho‘omau, the value of persistence and perseverance. We were determined to make the good in our lives last for a long time to come.

Introduced the MWA Jumpstart Program, a brand new self-paced, complimentary coaching program for managers on www.managingwithaloha.com.

–Committed that our year would be one where we focused on our Language of Intention, carefully choosing to use the words we would match to our values and objectives, conducting ourselves with distinction, and modeling the behavior we hoped to have duplicated in the workplace as we mentored and coached others.

–As we wrapped up our 2006 study of Ho‘omau, we decided to return to the fertile ground of Aloha. It became our value of the month for February, and we matched up our intention with the Beliefs of Great Managers.

Laurence Haughton helped us in February with the ‘great reveal’ of intention which comes to fruition in action and follow through: We studied Laurence’s book It’s Not What You Say, It’s What You Do”

–In March we would challenge ourselves further: Action alone didn’t cut it, and we were determined to pursue excellence and nothing less, banishing any signs of mediocrity in our quest to be the best we could possibly be. Our value for March was KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u; excellence and achievement.

–Throughout March we continually reminded ourselves of this caution; we could not pursue excellence simply for the sake of being better than someone else, and best at just anything. The objectives we chose to work on had to be in alignment with our core values. ROVC was added to our managerial toolbox: Return on Values Coaching.

–In April we turned the focus of our study of the Hawaiian values to Mālama, the value of caring and stewardship. Specifically, we sought to answer the question, What is Caring in Business and at Work? Instinctively we knew that to share your caring, you had to share a high degree of respect. Our Language of Intention again took center stage in our discussions, particularly with our chosen vocabulary.

–With all we have invested thus far in five short months, May has brought some crowning achievements! We turned to the project work done within teams, learning to use the Lōkahi approach to best impact a team’s productivity. As our value for the month, Lōkahi has helped us revisit how we cooperate and collaborate with each other to make our work harmonious in unified, concerted effort.

–For our virtual project work as the Ho‘ohana Community, two magnificent forums: Our 2nd Annual Love Affair with Books, and our recent Reinvention Forum — now that is the culmination of five months of serious work well done!

. Did you realize how much we’ve accomplished together? See what I mean when I say it is time to take a break and play?

We deserve it.

Learning community that we are, a brand new value unveiled at the same time: Le‘ale‘a, the value of playfulness. Oooh, this is going to be good! Feel the exuberant happiness of summer within the joy of play and having great fun with your family, your friends, those you work with, and with us, your Ho‘ohana Community.

I’m so ready to lighten up; are you? Let’s enjoy this month of summer’s coming with fun, with joy, and with playfulness. Six scoops of happiness all around, coming right up. Why six? Stick around, talk story, and find out!


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    Ah, Rosa – I need to let you know how inspired I am by your book, your blog, and YOU! It has been a long time coming, but I’m finally reaching out as I’ve heard so much about you for so long from our friend Phil G.
    Thank you for this wonderful post about June in Hawaii. June in North Dakota is more similar than I may have expected. We anticipate the turn of the calendar here with memories of short summers past and now, here it is!
    I am devouring your book and loving everything about it, including the spirit it creates in me. It won’t be soon enough, but I’ll be making my first trip to Hawaii in 2008 for the international Sweet Adeline competition and convention. I’ll make a point to meet you then if not before (but I’ll do my best not to wait that long!).
    Thank you again for being who you are. You’ve given me so many new perspectives and I’m just sorry it’s taken me so long to let you know!
    Greetings again from Jodee in North Dakota!

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    Hi Rosa,
    I love the idea of June being a playful month. I have been so busy for the past 2 months. I have been reading but not participating in the community.
    In addition to my strength based leadership blog I write a playful blog and your post added more incentive to keep being playful.
    I believe it was Sigmund Freud who said the mark of sanity was the ability to blur the lines between work and play.
    Let’s play.

  3. says

    Rosa, I am ready to play. Six scoops… that would make one MIGHTY banana split. This is a good sized group so it might be just enough for us all. Each can add their own topping and bring their own spoon. Sounds like a grand old time in this land of our virtual community!

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    Rosa, you have picked a value for June so close to my heart!
    A little personal story. Once upon a time many years ago, I left flowers for my boyfriend of that time, and signed the little note with my initials like this: BR Inc.
    He read it and began laughing. He’d read it as “brinc” and the verb “brincar” means “to play” in Portuguese. Not to play a game or a sport (World Cup fanatics take note!), which would be “jogar”, but only to play as a child does. Being a Brazilian music producer, he wrote on my note and handed it back to me with the lyrics to a song by Rita Lee, Brazil’s queen of rock and roll.
    Loosely translated, the lyrics go something like “Play at being serious, take play seriously.” I was just at the juncture of leaving the corporate world for my first entrepreneurial adventure, and I named my company “Brincar, Inc” and had those lyrics printed on my business card.
    Later, when I discovered Parelli Natural Horsemanship, I knew I’d found the right stuff because they asked us to have the attitude of playing with, not working with, our horses.
    Thanks for the reminder of the value of not taking ourselves too seriously, of giving one another joy through the power of play.
    Looking forward to a playful lunch with you in a couple of weeks!

  5. says

    Oh Rosa! What timing! Even if, we have just had winter thrust upon us (it was a very sudden onset of zero degrees- celcius nights last week), we still need time to relax, to restore our batteries and clear space in our minds and our hearts. What better way than by playing?
    On Sunday my husband and I took our three kids to Seaworld on the Gold Coast (Queensland) for a surprise day of play. And the total best time was had by all, even with a mid-afternoon thunderstorm (actually I think that added to the excitement!)
    But the true test of the weekend of all fun, and no work was Monday morning, when your forum and a few other surprises awaited me. It was almost like I needed to relax, and get away from the computer to have the good things happen.
    I’m now encouraging everyone I know to get out there and have some fun (at work as well as away from work). I am looking forward to playing with you and the community this month!

  6. Rick Fuqua says

    Once a year, we have our “Hawaiian Shirt Day” contest, which will take on a whole new meaning for me this year now that I am a MWA convert.

  7. says

    Rosa, thanks for this great sendoff into a new month! I’ve been lucky enough to start my month of play in Jackson Hole Wyoming, one of my favorite places in the world. Joy just oozes from this place, with the Teton mountains soaring majestically into the clear blue sky. My smile is contant here, and I’m determined to keep it throughout the month (and beyond). I’m also happy to absorb your incredible positive energy, so bring on the six scoops!

  8. says

    Aloha kākou everyone from Las Vegas!
    It is so terrific to know that joy and playfulness abound wherever you may be too, and that you are eager, willing and ready to jump on my bandwagon here, lightening up our spirits.
    The Ho‘ohana Community will lead the way once again :-)
    This is going to be a sensational month, thank you so very much for sharing your mana‘o with us here as we play!
    Much, much aloha to all of you,