MWA3P: There’s no escaping better productivity

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This article has been updated (October 7, 2007), and moved to this link at Managing with Aloha Coaching: MWA3P: Better workplace productivity the Managing with Aloha way!

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~ Rosa Say
Founder of Say Leadership Coaching
Author of Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business


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    Appointment bookends: Use ‘em.

    I have some very simple advice for you this week which can revolutionize your workweek productivity.
    It describes a habit I had fallen into out of sheer necessity when I was a corporate VP in operations, finding that appointments could easily and compl…

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    ‘ÅŒpala ‘ole: De-cluttering Work Processes

    Since we first talked about it in June of last year, MWA3P, the productivity training we have developed for Managing with Aloha, has evolved into a great success. [To read more on the 3 components of MWA3P, click in here.]

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    Huddle up; Meet well

    While it is easy for me to remember scores of boring staff meetings, when it came to be my turn to run them and I learned to do them right, I loved ‘em.
    Mostly because it was far easier to mobilize the troops in one meeting versus 8 to 10 individuall…