I still like ‘better’

I like different too.

As you know, I say “reinvent” quite a bit, and you can consider that to be different.

Seth Godin says,

“Unfortunately, better is not always the right strategy. Better is not always superior to different.
When you make something that works a little better, you’re playing the same game, just keeping up with the status quo. When you make something different, on the other hand, you’re trying to change the game.”

Well, I think one can make the same argument in favor of better; Different can be good, but not necessarily so. Different can just be contrary. Different can be giving up too soon on the potential for better.

Different can be just for the sake of being different.

On the other hand, better is well, better. I still like better.

Then again, why not seek the harmony of better and different, and go for best.

Written in the spirit of Le‘ale‘a


  1. says

    Different and better are relative to the person, the concept, and the state of mind one is in, at the time one is considering an item or service – better or different. We can all agree that ‘good enough’ ISN’T. So, what is? Let the customer or client say. Better we all give our clients a true voice in the work involved, and follow their lead. Is it better, or different to them?