Goals are, and Values are

I’m loving Chris Brogan writing for Lifehack.org these days. I took him up on this suggestion recently:

Dust Off Your Old Books

It struck me recently that all the books we own aren’t worth a damn unless we open them again. It’s not like we can google them. Without a periodic refresh, what good are they?

I had little more than a ten-minute window waiting for an expected phone call to come in, and so I chose easy – Gung Ho! by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. My books are like mini filing cabinets; They are stuffed with related articles and my morning pages, annotated to the hilt, and tabbed like a post-it flag sampler for 3M, making it really easy for me to find something I liked about it very quickly.

This is what caught my eye: (page 171 if you have your own copy)

Worthwhile Work”]
“Values guide all plans, decisions, and actions.”

are for the future. Values are now. Goals are set. Values are lived. Goals
change. Values are rocks you can count on. Goals get people going. Values
sustain the effort.”


Thanks Chris.

From the Talking Story archives:

Let’s define values.

7 More Ways to get the most from Books.


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    Hi Rosa- Glad it worked out for you. I certainly benefit from your weekly sharing on Lifehack.org, so I’m glad to finally be able to give something in return. : ) — Chris…

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    I find visualising the goal helps for me. Making the goal seep into my world and work on my unconscious, like writting it down and putting it under my pillow, or writing the goal down and rolling it into a bottle and throwing it in the sea.
    It’s amazing how powerful the subconsciousness is when it gets going.

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    Welcome to Talking Story Chris and Lyndon! I am hoping this will be the first of more visits for both of you!
    Lyndon, I too am a strong advocate of visualization, for it helps us make intangible wants and desires more real; visualization helps us shape goals better, associating them with other presence in our lives, and getting them to ‘appear’ more achievable and realistic for us.
    Also Lyndon, I see that you have just started a blog of your own, and I think you are off to quite a magnificent start! I love that you wrote this:
    “I want this site to be different, I want it to mean something, this means putting it out there, throwing away the cynical self, and retelling stories of success is one way of doing that.”
    If I can make a suggestion, do add an About page soon, so we can all get to know you better; I am quite sure that the Talking Story community of readers would love to read more of what you have to say. Ho’ohana Community: do take a moment to read more of Lyndon’s feelings on goal setting – great stuff:

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    Rosa, thank you for your kind words of encouragement.Coming from somone who has built a site such as this is praise indeed, it gives me quite a buzz to hear such words. Suffice it to say it gives me great encouragement to continue to write more.
    I feel everyone has something of importance to say, everyone can say something that will touch another persons life in a positive way and I feel this is my turn to say something. I know it’s a cliche, but if I only help one person, then that will be enough.
    Thanks for reminding me regarding the about page, it’s on my To Do list.
    If any of your readers come to my site I hope I can make it worthy of their time.
    You have a great site and I intend to read the whole of your blog.