Aspire to Aloha instead

At the time I write this, Google News is tracking 1,787 related news stories about the foiled plot by seven would-be terrorists to stage a bombing at the Sears Tower in Chicago, our nation’s largest building.

The most frequent quote running through the articles I’ve skimmed, seems to be the one by FBI Deputy Director John Pistole to assure us that,

“This group was more aspirational than operational.”

Sir, that doesn’t make me feel any better, for how very sad that such things are what some feel they must aspire to.

It was such a troubling thing for me to read as I opened my own morning paper, on a day when I awoke feeling very joyful: Both my children are home today from college, and my family is together. While there are a lot of different discussions which can be had about this news story, perhaps that is why the other quotes that have been jumping out at me have to do with family. My heart aches for the parents of these seven men who are making their own heartfelt statements to the press, saying they simply cannot believe what is being said about their sons, and what they are accused of.

When we are parents, we cannot assume our children will hold our values central to their belief systems forever; values can be influenced, and values can change. What we can be sure of, is that the values we hold will influence our behavior as sure as the sun rises tomorrow morning.

Tonight, we will discuss this news story around the dinner table amongst our family. Initially, my two children will probably roll their eyes and think, “Oh boy, here goes mom again.” However they will engage, they will debate, they will get as passionate as I will, and as their father will, about the values we hold dear as a family. Among them, about the sanctity of human life, and our core belief about aloha and the value of universal love.

On the chance you have not yet seen the news, here are two samples:

From ABC News: Would-Be Terrorists Sought Help From al-Qaida in Plot to Blow Up Sears Tower.

From the Boston Globe:US warns of rise in domestic terror cells.

And here is a link I much prefer to end my post with for you:
My Aloha Virtue List.


  1. says

    Yes, Rosa… since it is our thoughts, our dreams that can lead to action turning thoughts to more positive aspirations like addressing the problems of global warming, hunger, poverty, or injustice would help make this world a better place to live.
    Continuing to engage the conversation at the family dinner table will help. The first sphere of our influence is within our home and family. We can extend to each our own communities and with the internet, to a virtual community (like here in Ho’ohana).
    By keeping together and being consistent in our efforts, we can hope to provide a model of good behaviour for our children, friends and neighbors to observe. Will this work to counter the world of terror that is challenging us? One can act and hope.
    Keep up your efforts here!