An endorsement worth more than gold

Speaking of volunteering” (To Volunteer is to Malama)” It pays off in huge ways.

Yesterday was my first day home in over two weeks, and I had a bin of mail to go through. The best surprise was a packet of 32 hand-made thank you cards from Stan Oliveira’s class at the Kea‘au Kamehameha High School. Here’s one of them:

“Dear Rosa Say,

Mahalo nui loa for taking some time off and talking to us kids. I know that it was free and that you usually make your customers pay but thank you for giving us some of the knowledge that you needed when you were growing up. I really learned a lot from you even if you just talked to us for an hour and a half but no wonder why people want your knowledge and buy your book because its not anything made up you experienced this and now you are helping others so that they hopefully have the same kind of experience as you did. Thank you so much again for bringing your knowledge to us and taking the time off for us.


Kiwa K. Fong”

Kiwa’s card was beautifully printed, and then signed with this hand-written in postscript:

“P.S. You should keep this for when I’m famous.”


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    Keep that card! Self confidence is the first key in my Star Power model for building a successful life and career. Kiwa seems to have it in abundance.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your time at the school — and you got the nicest thing anyone can do for you in return — a sincere thank you.
    I enjoy speaking to groups of students too. They always challenge me to look at the world in new ways.
    Mahalo for this post and your great blog.
    Bud Bilanich
    The Common Sense Guy

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    Aloha Bud, —I will!
    Mahalo for stopping by, reading Talking Story, and pointing the way to your blog — you’ve got some great stuff to share. Welcome to the Ho‘ohana Community.