The 3 New R’s: Restlessness, Revolution, and Reinvention

One of my most popular articles for Talking Story ever, was one written in March of 2005 called The 3 R’s in Business, ROI, ROR, and ROA.

Today, that’s old news. Still valid, but old”• it’s stuff you should have progressed past right now. There are 3 different R’s I talk about these days, and they go like this:


This is one of the most desirable qualities you can look for in managers and in employees with the potential to be your business partners, the kind of partners who will challenge you and keep you on your toes. Hire the restless if you want an entrepreneurial mindset which explores all possibilities and refuses to settle for second best. Hire the restless if you want an abundance mentality instead of one stingy and shrunk in scarcity. Hire the restless if you want to lead.


You have to revolutionize your old attitudes and opinions about virtually everything in business today, especially about how we must blow the lid off old job classifications and work routines. Project management must be turned upside down and inside out, and workplace productivity must be strategically played like the high-stakes game it is. If you think you already know it, chances are you’re too complacent about it. It’s a brand new day: are you treating it that way? To be a revolutionary is to be a leader.


Nothing can be sacred, and “as is” must become “as was.” Auto-pilot in the work place must be considered your public enemy number one, and sacred cows like organizational charts, annual performance appraisals, and job position descriptions must be put out to pasture. Open communication channels must be relentlessly pursued like the fountain of youth. There can be no settling for good enough, and no tolerance of mediocrity. Reinvention is about the leadership we desperately need when we develop new talent.

We have another Reinvention Forum coming up this month (it’s scheduled for May 26), and I can’t wait. I’m challenging the writers in our Ho‘ohana Community to share their ideas with you on how they see that work can be reinvented. There are countless possibilities. Stay tuned.


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    A Reinvention Revolution; 3 Sacred Cows to Start With

    Reinvention is one of my favorite words these days. It actually started doing this rumba in my brain over a year ago, but back then I was pretty good at tuning out the music and ignoring it.
    Not anymore.
    I’ve become increasingly bothered by busin…

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    Rosa, restlessness can be good but one needs maintain some control. For example, too much restlessness in a canoe and it will tip over into the water and you won’t get where you want to.
    Revolution is a good goal but I think change is better accomplished in an Evolutionary manner. The slow and steady tortoise for me.
    Reinvention, I wholeheartedly agree with this one. If we do not reinvent ourselves to adapt and survive in the flat world, we will find ourselves left out on the edge in the cold. Not a place where I want to be.
    I have been reinventing myself and will be refocusing one of my blogs to address this need of adaptation in the flat world. It will pick up on the “life long learning” thread discussed here not too long ago and tie together some other threads picked up along the way. I will likely be able to announce this more formally next month.
    Thanks for continuing to stir the pot!

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    Steve, here is the way I have started to look at Revolution – absolutely as a word connected to Evolution, and not necessarily with Revolt:
    getting REAL + Evolution = Revolution
    I’m fine with slow and steady, and Adrian Savage of our Ho’ohana Community really nails the concept in his writings on Slow Leadership, however there’s a BIG difference between slow and steady and completed stuck and stalled.
    Sounds like The World is Flat made quite an impression on you! Can’t wait to see and read this reinvention you have planned: will you have at least a teaser for us with the May 26th Forum?