Playing offense with Project plays

Seems to me it is always more fun to play offense than defense in the game of work, and you can design some pretty great plays with projects.

This is what you potentially can get out of terrific project work:

  • Work that is fun, while it achieves something grand and significant. Wins feel good, and people love to be on triumphant teams.
  • Camaraderie and better rapport among an entire team, because they have achieved those wins together, and while cheering each other on in admiration of great work done.
  • Better retention, for no one who is experiencing how work can be exceptionally enjoyable can imagine leaving your company and finding the same thing elsewhere.
  • No sacred cows, no automatic pilot, no settling for mediocrity. Instead, you get learning and creativity, innovation and reinvention, because a “project” means something new, and “new” is always chosen on purpose.
  • Pervasive optimism and enthusiasm in the workplace, because you have created an atmosphere where no one ever need settle for the way things are, and positive energy begets more energy and excitement. People smile and laugh all the time, and everyone notices, even your customers and suppliers.

In the spirit of Our May Ho‘ohana: Lōkahi, you can read more about the perks of project work in the article I have written for today:

Learn to Love Projects