Synergy for him, for her, for We

Over on the blog Synergy, Steve Sherlock has raised this question:

Where are the women interested in the “Power of We?”

I followed up with this post:

Are There Gender Differences with Synergy?

As I stated there, the gender discussion on collaboration habits is not something I understand and can relate to by merit of my own experience. Our own Ho‘ohana Community is a wonderful blending of men and women, and our Forums are a wonderful representation.

What has been your experience? Am I too idealistic about this? Do consider jumping into the comment conversation on the blog Synergy and weighing in with your thoughts, it should be pretty interesting there this month!

This was my first ever post on the blog Synergy, and it still captures my views on what a golden opportunity synergy affords us:
The Third Alternative


  1. says

    Nice post, Rosa.
    I find it interesting when we dig into the archives and re-read something we wrote once upon a time. It is almost like reading it for the first time. And yet it is so familiar because it is us.
    This may be one of the blogging drawbacks that hurts us in building synergy. Building synergy takes time and effort. The blog post captures the moment in time.
    While your blog lists the comments along the side with the recent posts and mine lists my CoComments along with rotating headlines, these are just snapshots. It is not like blogging software helps us to create the grand tableau where someone can walk up and see the work in progress. Where someone can walk up and see the outlines of a vision, a grand landscape and say “Ah so that’s what it will be!” Blogging software is more like the keyhole in the construction fence. we are allowed only a peek at a time.
    So this is part of our challenge, to turn peeks into the third alternative.

  2. says

    Steve your comment is so timely for me, for as big an advocate of blogging as I am, the longer I do it and as my business evolves, the more I find it is not fulfilling all the needs I would love it to. Lately I have been so much more aware of the differences when the Ho‘ohana Community interacts with each other offline versus online: There IS more transparency and openness offline, and there’s greater momentum with projects needing directed focus.
    I am sure I must drive the TypePad help desk crazy with my questions. So often I wish I had more techie-programming skills so that I could do my own thing in tweaking the blogging platform to work in different ways, versus juggling with other software to complement it ”like Basecamp- would be great to integrate the two!
    Still, TypePad has been a good match for my skill set and for the time I have been able to allocate to my blog maintenance in total. Because I am so impatient about making immediate changes with my online visibility once I catch something needing revision, I haven’t been able to outsource my web sites to a webmaster with more skills – even my is now a TypePad blog! I do feel that the Blogger platform on blog Synergy limits us a great deal in comparison. Lately however, we have all been better in reconstructing our posts there to give more link connections, and that’s a start.
    And we can’t lose sight of the realization that content and intent count for so much; they do drive the initial community connections in the first place, when the reader’s self-talk is, “I’ll lurk here awhile, these sound like people I’d like to get to know.”

  3. says

    Rosa, I’ll do a more expansive posting on this but maybe we need to start defining what we want the blogging tools to do for us? For example, to continue this particular line of thought; to show the big picture and ensure representation of various points of view, the post comments should get categorized in some sort of “tag cloud” (to borrow a term) that will show each comment as a piece to the puzzle. Hence, if someone already has submitted that point, you can add a check mark to it, or make another point!
    In this way, the conversation would be “mapped” out if front of the reader. Hmm… I wonder…

  4. says

    I agree with you, Steve. After more than 2 years blogging, I think it’s time for those of us who are dedicated to the conversation, to actually begin to “think” hard about what we want our blogs to do. I don’t know about the comments “tag cloud”… but I do know that the interaction, sometimes via comments, other times via email, are what makes my blog so exciting to me. I love meeting new people, connecting to people outside of my usual crowd…sometimes via a post I wrote, sometimes via a post on another blog, like now. The problem is: I can’t keep up. If only I could spend all day reading blogs! Ah, but…therein lies the rub: half of life is IF…isn’t it?

  5. Rick Fuqua says

    As a reader and not a blogger, I have been reading the information in this “community” because it helps make me a better manager and maybe a better person (thank you Rosa). I am not so much interested in “blog synergy” and the rest of blogosphere, not that it is not great, creative writing.
    My interest is MWA.

  6. says

    Mahalo nui Rick, I do appreciate your comment, and can assure you that MWA will remain at the core of all you see on,, and on Talking Story.
    I know my writing of MWA and everything else has been sparse of late, and it is because I have been out coaching MWA and making it real for people. The MWA movement is picking up considerable momentum, and it is because it is something we do, and not just a “new thing” we talk about.
    Thank you Rick for your vote of interest and confidence!
    I will write more soon,