Stories of Caring at Work

In thinking about Mālama, and the small ways in which we can all demonstrate our caring at work, Kalani came to mind for me. Have you meet him yet? His story also echoes back to the compensation discussion we just had last month.

Dipping into the archives; a good Mālama story to inspire us all:

Kalani’s Story:

Your pay is not necessarily what you’re worth

For more inspiration, dip into the comments our Ho‘ohana Community is already sharing: wonderful wisdom. Thank you Rocky, David (“carefrontation” – love it!), Dwayne (so obvious and I had never before made that hospital connection”) and Phil. Take the trackback to Phil’s place too.

Share your own stories of caring at work this month:
I’d love to index them on Managing with Aloha! I’ve started here with Phil’s:

Mālama and Stories of Caring at Work; A Ho‘ohana Community Index

“Stories are carriers of meaning; they are about community, culture, the land, and connection. Meaning comes from sharing. So, this month, I’m inviting you to “talk story,” sharing with others that which holds meaning for you. Think of it as an opportunity to regain a bit of what we’ve lost. Life’s everyday complaints, opinions, anecdotes and drama may have their place, but right now, we’re up to something bigger.”

Wonderfully written in his monthly newsletter by one of our newest members of the Ho‘ohana Community, fellow coach Brad Glass.

And do read these from Rocky:
Your history is your story.
Simply make it great with the story of your life.

So are you up for the challenge? Create Stories of Caring at Work this month. I know this is something which comes naturally to so many of you in our community. Write them up so we can index them on Managing with Aloha to inspire for months and years to come.

Our April Ho‘ohana essay is on Mālama:
What is Caring in business and at work?

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Why Talking Story?