Are you a fan of The Daily 5 Minutes?

Actually, a better question is this;

If you are a manager, and you want to be a great manager, why wouldn’t you be a fan of the Daily 5 Minutes?

This month
is the perfect time to start if you haven’t done so already, for to know well, you Mālama well.

Go to today and grab your copy of a must-have pdf reference form on the D5M:  Know well, Mālama well.

From Managing with Aloha:

Mālama ka po‘e, care for one’s people, requires sensitivity.

Managers must learn when it’s best to take care of staff issues individually versus collectively at times, treating their staff how they expect to be treated, learning how they define their own personal dignity. This requires that they know their staff well. 

Thus Mālama was a value that would come up often in our discussion of ‘Ike loa and our Daily Five Minutes, for it was usually within this daily ritual that managers would learn about what concerns their staff had, and they were gifted with the timing within which their employees chose to share it.

“Listen with Mālama” meant to listen with caring, to listen for feelings and for kaona—hidden meanings within the words that were actually spoken.

When the Daily Five Minutes was diligently programmed employees did not get lost in the shuffle of the day or go unnoticed when they were troubled—the times they need to be cared for most.

Mālama also challenges us to explore the full range of our employee’s emotional needs so they are met and not minimized or neglected. For example, do you celebrate success and reward achievement? Understand the need for recognition. Do you have practices that make allowances for loss and grieving? Realize when your understanding is needed. Do you recognize the symptoms of stress and undue pressure? Give time when time is needed.

Our April Ho‘ohana is Mālama: What is Caring in business and at work?

D5M is our shortcut for The Daily Five Minutes.


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    I love the daily 5 minutes. I started using it a few years back, and now I use it every day with my team, and I have encouraged many others to do the same. It makes my weeks so much easier, because I don’t get blindsided by anything anymore, and my team knows how much I care about them by the small amount of time I regularly spend with them. Even when I’m away for nearly the entire day, I still manage to spend a few minutes with a few of them and make sure everything is running smoothly in their life, and in their work.
    Thanks for the great example to follow Rosa.