What’s your Vantagepoint?

Big day today for Kevin Eikenberry, and it can be a red letter day for you too: If you haven’t yet gotten yourself a copy of Kevin’s Vantagepoints On Learning And Life, this would be a very good time.

Read about Kevin’s promotion on Amazon.com today here. Kevin has put together quite an impressive package of gifts, but personally I think you should consider picking up a copy of Kevin’s book just for the book itself. There’s something about it that keeps me reaching for it often; this is one of those books which get you to smile” Lessons From A Lawn Needing Improvement” Slug Bug Black, No Tag Backs” What I Learned on My Trip to Magaritaville”

Kevin’s book is a collection of over fifty essays about “finding learning opportunities in everyday situations,” aptly named because learning is truly Kevin’s thing. I like it, because it is so very positive and energizing; there is something about his collection of stories that makes you feel so confident in your own abilities to make the most of your humble, simple, yet oh-so-satisfying life.

I guess the word is relatable, for Kevin really comes through in his writing as your best friend in a book. And your honest friend, just as vulnerable as you are, only he admits it (read “Halloween” on page 150). So quite a cool thing for all of us having him as part of our Ho‘ohana Community, and knowing that you can visit his blog or website and email or call him at any time.

Help Kevin today and order a copy of his book from Amazon.com. Trust me, you’ll love reading it, and you’ll find that the one you’ve helped is you. The gift Kevin gives you with his book, is that you start to see richness in your own life that you somehow missed seeing before.