Another Love Affair— for all of us.

Last February, we went a bit book crazy. Our ho‘ohana theme was A Love Affair with Books, and to date, it is still a month for the record books in terms of the interest our love affair with reading stirred up in the Ho‘ohana Community.

As promised, I’m mixing things up a bit this month with our February 2006 Ho‘ohana on Aloha, with more book-love. We’ll start with my latest good read, and remember to mark February 24th on your calendar to click back in for our 2nd Annual Love Affair with Books compliments of the voracious readers of our community.

The book on my desk lately so that it is within easy reach, is the new one written by Laurence Haughton, It’s Not What You Say” It’s What You Do. This is a book which is chock full of good how tos for managers; it’s been amazing how often I find myself repeating Laurence’s advice to managers in my coaching in the weeks since I have first read it. The book’s subtitle is How Following Through at Every Level Can Make or Break Your Company, and in short, that is precisely the wisdom Laurence shares. Come back tomorrow for my book review, and on Friday I’ll be publishing an interview that Laurence so generously agreed to give me.

Meanwhile, to get you back in the spirit of our upcoming book bonanza, revisit some of the winners of last February. It really was a fabulous month for us, and I hate to keep all this good stuff hidden in the archives:

February Ho‘ohana: A love affair with books.

This is the month normally associated with Valentine’s Day, and if I could, I’d send a valentine to every author who has stolen my heart. I am continually amazed at the power of influence a book can have on me, and its ability to have me fall in love with ideas, with stories, and with characters. Read more…

The Ho‘ohana Community Library.

Some of the best books I have ever read were recommended to me by friends. So in celebration of our Love Affair with Books, I asked our Ho‘ohana Online Community to tell us, “What are you reading now?”

These ladies and gentlemen represent some of the brightest minds in leadership, and they are the most voracious readers I know. They are all authors in their own right, and I was so intrigued with their answers: Read more…

A Dozen Myths about Reading.

Since I’ve got books on the brain this month, I started thinking about reading myths I always hear from people. If I coach you or manage you, I get you to read and write – both things are part of the program – and I’ve heard just about every excuse in regards reading there is. I set out to write six myths and easily came up with a dozen: Read more…

And this last one is probably one of my most popular posts ever: It features a mini book review of one of my favorite business books of all time, and it also contains a link to one of our favorite Slacker Manager Bren’s winners, How to Read a Business Book:

7 More Ways to get the most from Books.

As a coach, I want to focus a bit more on your own individual learning, and offer a few other thoughts on how you can get the most out of the books you read. Read more…