Good Change: Signs of a growing community

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When I posted our 2nd Annual Love Affair with Books three days ago, I combined it with some changes on the blog, and you need to click in to see them in the left and right columns.

They are testament to the exciting evolution of our Ho‘ohana Community as an online presence, and further, they are designed to be resources for you when you read Talking Story.

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Community Voices

The old HOC blogroll has been renamed Ho‘ohana Community Voices, and these are the first two links there:

…About the Ho‘ohana Community

I have intentionally placed it where the top of the page you land on navigates back << to the Mission of SLC, and forward >> to a new archive page serving as an index to all our past Ho‘ohana Community Forums (there have been seven forums so far.)

…Our recent forum: A Love Affair with Books

This new link will be updated with the blogroll with each new forum, and thus, directly under it, it says, The links below are our mahalo to the bloggers who so generously contributed to our recent forum. Do visit them!

Community Resources

There is another, brand new listing under Ho‘ohana Community Voices, and it is called Ho‘ohana Community Resources. These are links to community member sites which would not be covered by my forums, and we need to keep them readily accessible, for I believe you value them as I do.

The first link listed there is a new TS feature:

…Community Bulletin Board

The article I did this past Thursday called Have you noticed? generated a lot of community energy, and many have asked that I do that more often. Traffic spiked like crazy that day and continued through the weekend (as of this writing, that post has gotten more visitors than our Love Affair with Books), but what I was excited about was that energy: our community ho‘ohana-watts.

It took alot of time to put that post together, and much as I’d love to, realistically I can’t do that too often. So I started thinking that I needed another link in residence on the TS home page which could serve the same purpose between the community link fests I can do. Thus the new Ho‘ohana Community Bulletin Board as the first link under the new Ho‘ohana Community Resources column.

If you want to be notified whenever there is an update to this new HC Bulletin Board, pick up the feed for for that is where the page is housed:

Click in and see what is already there
. You can contribute to the Ho‘ohana Community Bulletin Board too, and the how-to is at the end of that page.

Got some other long-overdue blog maintenance done too. “User-friendly” can mean way-too-wordy, and now that we are seeing the word BLOG pasted on a lot of magazine covers I figured I could clean up a lot of explanation-turned-clutter. I hope you agree.

On a somewhat related note, I liked what John Jantsch said when he wrote, Thank God The Blog Craze Is Almost Over (via Wayne). My commentary on that is here if you’re interested.

Come on now, and tell me the truth; wasn’t that a lot more entertaining and colorful than what you normally see in that aggregator of yours? Click in more often, you know you are always welcomed here.


Postscript: All of this, and a nudge from our SEO master Wayne (mahalo Wayne!) also lit a fire under my okole (that’s gluteus maximus in Hawaiian…) to clean up the navigation links on too.  All 3 of the new community links can be accessed there, in the left column, under the HNewsletter subscription link. They look like this:

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Our 2nd Annual Love Affair with Books

Ho‘owaiwai is a Hawaiian word which means,
"To enrich."

This is what the power of the written word has been for me, and for many in our Ho‘ohana Community. Thus today, we celebrate our incredible richness once more in our 2nd Annual Love Affair with Books.

We share so much more than our recommendations for certain titles; we share our hunger for knowledge, our thirst for the revelations of experiences shared in the non-fiction genre, and our optimism for the new learning that reading is certain to inspire in us. We revel in the possibilities they present, knowing those possibilities can be ours.

These in themselves provide vast, deep abundance. When you read the book reviews which follow, I am sure you will delight in their variety; there are titles you will recognize, yet I am quite sure there will be others you do not. There is a find here for everyone. As I did, you will gain renewed respect for those we are so blessed to be in the company of in this community; you will be filled with a very keen sense of appreciation. I felt very humbled to have the honor of putting this compilation together for you.

However, there is more kaona (hidden meaning, or connectivity) in the Ho‘owaiwai of books which I’d like to share with you if I may, before I do present those reviews.

There is a very wise gentleman in our Ho‘ohana Community who has been
mentoring me in the concept of added value ever since I had the extraordinary
good fortune to meet him.

Bringing our values to central importance in our lives and our work is the essence of the coaching in my own book, Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business. I have done extensive research on values. However, I would discover I still had to learn more. You see, it would be a full year after I completed the writing of my book that I would meet David Rothacker.

David would soon become mentor and I would be the student; we have had many conversations about adding value to every life’s lesson, so that Ho‘owaiwai, our lives continue to be enriched as a result of what we have given to others. David has taught me to continually ask myself,

“How can I add even more value?”

2005 was a very good year for my business, Say Leadership Coaching. Good is always worth celebrating; very good means it is time to give back in a couple of different ways. For instance, it is time for added value to our Love Affair with Books, just as David has taught me so well.

So yesterday, I put my order together for a copy of each one of these books which are presented for you in the reviews which follow. I will be printing a copy of each review and enclosing them in the books with special bookplates which say,

With aloha from the Ho‘ohana Community

I’ll be adding a few copies of Managing with Aloha and It’s Not What You Say ” It’s What You Do for a total of 32 books purchased for a very special group. They will be our surprise gift to the library of the Hogan Entrepreneurs at Chaminade University when I next present an MWA Workshop for their class in April. You had met them last year in this post. Kept within this library, the books will also be made available for the students of Chaminade’s MBA program. Every student will receive a booklet containing printed copies of all the reviews, produced by my publishing company, Ho‘ohana Publishing.

These students represent our future hope for business, and these books can inspire and mentor them not only in the richness of their own pages, but with the aloha of the words added by our community.

Update: Here is a recent article written in The Honolulu Advertiser, further illustrating why I am so encouraged by the Hogan Entrepreneurial program: Chaminade Students help homeless folks find jobs.

To all who participated in this year’s Love Affair with Books, thank you for your magnificent choices.

Mahalo David, for your mentorship.

Now on to those reviews! Get ready to stock your own shelves … Last year we started with nine Reviews, this year there were twenty! Welcome to our

2nd Annual Talking Story Love Affair with Books:

Continue Reading

Have you noticed?

community is rockin’ and rollin.’

Have you noticed?

” how Phil Gerbyshak has turned into such a tagging master? Man oh man is he sharing some great pointers with us. And that’s just part of the way his blog is starting to take flight. Great writing and energy there. Pretty exciting.
Like his interview with Hanna Cooper as just one for instance.
” that Ken Partain’s new Daily Choices is “short and deep” reading (my post yesterday)? Ken shares such positive, self-affirming action that will create that aloha abundance for you.

… that just yesterday, Tim Milburn posted a download link for a free new e-book he wrote called Touching All Four, Living Leadership One Base at a TIme? Tim uses a baseball metaphor for leadership which hits a real homerun: you have got to read it.

Have you noticed?

” that Dwayne comes up with some of the very best post titles for Genuine Curiosity? Like, Go ugly early, and even that Incompetence is wonderful. Dwayne, you are wonderful.

” those best management practices Lisa Haneberg collected for all of us so brilliantly? So smart how she enlisted the help of her community judges!
Magnificent choices in our Oregon three :-) As you can imagine I was pretty thrilled to have someone submit the D5M. Mahalo nui Bren for your vote of confidence too.

… While you’re at Lisa’s Management Craft, make sure you sign up for her new newsletter too: Lisa’s coaching is not something you should miss, and you know how she jumps into her new projects with such breakthrough potential. Get infected.

Have you noticed?

” that Christopher Bailey has Dupal’d a new home for the Alchemy of Soulful Work? Bailey WorkPlay is the newest visible connection to his ho‘ohana. Strong mana‘o pono.

” that Skip Angel took on the writings of W.Edwards Deming with such thought and insight? – wow!

” that Troy Worman has a manifesto up for your votes at ChangeThis? I saw that he’s got the most votes as of this writing, but you can still vote yes so he knows how much we love him!

… Speaking of ChangeThis, Kevin Eikenberry will have a manifesto out in the next batch of releases! His manifesto is called, True Teambuilding: More Than a Recreational Retreat. I’ll add the link here when it’s posted.
2/25 Update: click in- it’s here!

Have you noticed?

” that there are a lot of slick new looks and fresh colors changing up some of our favorite blogs? Wayne’s new posting style is picture-rrific. RSS may show you their updates, but I hope you’re clicking in to the blogs themselves! At Steve’s you can eavesdrop on his ever-prolific comments.
… that new colors were just the beginning for EM Sky? New name, new look, new energy! And she did it all herself! Click in to her Mind Unbound.
… and speaking of comments, have you noticed how much fun they are at Yvonne’s Lip-Sticking? Our ever-delightful Barbara Walters of the blogosphere seems to have such a talent at drawing them out from people, even when she’s not interviewing them.

Have you noticed?

” how smart and gracious Felix is? I learn so much about the richness of the European experience from him on Brand Soul.
I love how he makes me think – hard.
… that Scott Hodge’s categories show up now where his blogroll used to be? I had so much fun cruising Huh? Go check out his other category names.
” that John Richardson’s got some serious momentum going on with his 12 Habits program? I love his forward thinking strategy: habits are good when you create them versus falling victim to them. Come on now, who’s in charge?

… at Ripples, David St. Lawrence gets into pretty deep conversations coaching us all to be in charge… All mixed in with building a brand new house, and meeting his new neighbors.

Have you noticed?

” that delegation seems to be one of Bren’s favorite subjects? If I recall correctly, that’s how we started blog-dating. He tackled it again at the end of January in another one of his not-to-be-missed posts.

… that Leah Maclean is hosting a brand new Carnival of Entrepreneurship Down Under? Anita Campbell had been the Carnival’s Mea Ho‘okipa (hostess) the week before, and she started Leah’s lineup for her too.

” that Adrian has been on vacation? Adrian’s writing is so thought provoking I look forward to his vacations too, so I can spend more time with his older posts on Slow Leadership and The Coyote Within before he hits me with another new one.

… that Robin is on the road again? You know what it means when she comes back ” more extraordinary photos!

Have you noticed?

” that Matt Homann and Dennis Kennedy are ramping up for another LexThink! event? Even when I can’t go I enjoy seeing how Matt blogs about it.
You can sure learn alot about different business models in our community.
” that Brad Respess is giving away a free book for what you’ve learned? Knowing the way this community reads, we should be all over this one. Move quickly” the deadline is this Saturday!

… Cohesive Integrity? After you stop by Brad’s place, consider visiting James over the weekend. Besides the columns he posts each Monday and Thursday, James has been seeding his left-hand column with some great Reading Assignments. More to read short and deep!

Have you noticed?

” that David Zinger has a new Google Group set up for Strength-Based Leadership? You can read all about it here.

” that we can learn management and leadership from our kids? Just ask Trevor. He is so good with the use of real life stories to get complex things over in simple ways.

” that we have a new Pistol Packin’ Mama in our midst? We knew that Stacy was a woman to be reckoned with, and now, she’s sharp-shooting!

Have you noticed?

… that Dick Richards can help turn a four-leaf clover into someone’s heart song and genius? He’s doing a lot of that kind of thing lately” simply amazing.

how good we are at saying goodbye… and in giving encouragement and aloha? I am so very proud of this community we call our Ho‘ohana Community.

not to mention how we can just ask and receive so quickly. Wow. Mahalo.

” and that surprise Dave hinted at in mentioning my planned blogroll updates? You’ll hear about it tomorrow”.. big day with our   2nd Annual Love Affair with Books.

Anything else I should have noticed and didn’t? Add ‘em in the comments for me, would you? Yes, I’m asking for more. Even though your first reaction to all this, without a single click away yet, may be,

“No wonder we’re all having a hard time keeping

But you know what? It’s all good, because this is about people who are taking a leadership role, and that’s what we do in this community.

We blast through the day leaving vapor trails in the hearts and minds of those we intersect with.

Vapor trails and the breath of life. This is the abundance of aloha.

We focus on the good in people. We support each other even in our silence, clicking in when we can.

We ho‘ohana!

Oh! and one more thing: If you can squeeze it in next Tuesday, don’t forget about the MicroSoft Live Meeting announcement at the end of my interview with Laurence Haughton – it’s on the 28th, and it’s free! Sign up here.

Read short and deep

I love reading. Always have.

I love the way that words form pictures in my head, pictures that make everything else going on in the world around me make sense. They are pictures I draw in my mind with someone else’s words, in the way that I read them, and in the way that I think about them.

I love that you can draw such an emotional connection to what you read in a way that comes from inside you. Think about it: someone else wrote the words, and they aren’t reading them to you. You can’t hear the emotion in their voice, or see it in their expression. You have only the words to draw it from. The emotional connection comes from inside you, and your own personal truth, not from whoever wrote them.

The times in which this happens best, and in ways which can be pretty profound, are when you read short and deep.

Quotations are the best examples: Just enough words, but not too many. Just enough for you to connect, and connect deep. Thank you Bart, for sharing these with me:

“It’s not enough that we do our best; sometimes, we have to do what’s required.”

—Winston Churchill

“Success is not a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

—Reggie Leach

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

—Carl Buchner

“When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail.”

—Abraham Maslow

As much as I love full, robust, consequentially written books, sometimes I get in these moods where the books I prefer are the shorter devotional types which give me just enough, but not too much. They make me think harder because they don’t do all the work for me; I have to be the one to work it.

I have to think, and think well.

I seem to be in that kind of mood right now, wanting to mostly read short and deep. These are the books that I’m keeping close by me on my desk these days:

The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done
I just shared something from it with you yesterday.

The Big Moo: Seth Godin and his Group of 33 coach us to Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable. Like Panic at Inappropriate Times.

Abounding Grace, An Anthology of Wisdom. For me, the introductory essays M.Scott Peck has written to the chapters of selected quotes are the best parts.

Ready for Anything by David Allen of GTD fame: 52 productivity Principles for Work & Life. Read it quick, do it right away, and get it done, one thing at a time. Spurs for action.

The Women of Faith Daily Devotional: 365 Devotions on Hope, Prayer, Friendship, Wonder, Grace, Joy, Freedom, Humor, Vitality, Trust, Gratitude, and Peace.

Here’s the wonderful read which came from this last one today. I’ve had this book for 4 years now, and while I don’t read it every single day, I have often enough that I’ve read each entry two or three times, yet I still don’t tire of them. They are short and deep.

Praying at Heaven’s Gate

“David Livingstone is considered one of history’s greatest explorers. Born in Scotland in 1813, he was one of five children in a poor family that resided in two small rooms. His parents were poor in earthly wealth but rich in spirit, and they inspired their son to devote his life to serving God and his fellow man. Livingstone began working in the cotton mills at age ten and continued there for many years, eventually earning enough money to put himself through college, where he studied medicine and theology.

He spent most of his adult life exploring Africa, bringing modern medicine and God’s Word to its remotest regions. He was the first person to cross the continent from east to west and the first white man to see Victoria Falls. He planted missions, spread the gospel, and endured incredible hardships. In doing so, it is said that he added a million square miles to what was then considered the known world—and hundreds, maybe thousands, of souls to the heavenly rolls.

He was showered with accolades for his work. But the thing about David Livingstone’s life that most touches my heart is the way he died. Early on the morning of May 1, 1873, he was found dead, kneeling beside his bed. While doing God’s will, praying alone in a remote African hut, he was lifted up by God’s own hand.”

—Barbara Johnson

The thing with reading short and deep is that it doesn’t take long. You can get your fix and get inspired, and you are still reading. Reading, thinking, learning and growing.

I know we read a lot in this community of ours. Do you have any favorite reads like this that you consider short and deep? I find that they are not that easy to find, and I’d love to hear your recommendations if you have them.