“Mahalo nui Felix, …7 Causes.

Today, Felix Gerena of our Ho‘ohana Community left a comment for me that was such a gift. My goodness I am on a roll of good fortune, aren’t I? Yesterday a song, today a feeling of well-being in being confident about my choices.

I responded to Felix on www.managingwithaloha.com where he had made his comment, however I decided to re-post it here on Talking Story hoping to gather more discussion about the quote Felix has given us from Aristotle. I am wondering,

What are your 7 Causes?

These are mine, reprinted from Managing with Aloha Online

Mahalo nui Felix,

I received an email yesterday from someone who in regard to MWAJ asked me, “Rosa, why on earth are you giving all of this away?” and with your comment you give me the opportunity here to share my answer with everyone.

In short, it is my ho‘ohana: my passion and my purpose.

I have also clicked into your blog BrandSoul today, and I love what you have offered us for thought-munchies there, and I quote you:

“Every predictive action should follow its own methodology. How am I going to predict if I don ´t know where to start from. Searching for help in classic texts I have found a powerful reference on Aristotle ´s Rhetoric. This is what the philosopher tells us:

“Necessarily, people do everything they do for seven causes: Through chance, through nature, through compulsion, through habit, through reason, through anger, through longing.”

[ Jumpstart participants, I urge you to read Felix’s entire post ]

So why have I put together MWA Jumpstart, in the framework of Aristotle’s seven causes??? (Learning new context is so grand!)


I believe that responsible, thoughtful management and leadership are desperately needed in our world. So I thrill to the thought that even one person with a dormant calling within them to be a great manager or leader will stumble upon MWAJ and that voice within them will finally be heard.


Nature has imposed some geographical limits on me in my personal coaching, however I must walk my own talk that the only significant limits a person has are normally self-imposed. Our virtual capacity has shrunk our world, and I have discovered it as a new frontier in my old conceptions of nature. I must take the journey.

(and I defer to calling this one Trends as Rocky did):

We have a greater inclination to look at trends from a viewpoint outside ourselves — such as Tom Peter’s newest mantra, “It’s not your Father’s world,” and Dorothy’s classic line, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” I delight in the trending of our own personal behavior and spirit, and in the discovery of our greater capacities.


I love knowing that our habits are our constant companions, and that if we cultivate them well, they can be completely at our command and serve us exceptionally well. I think of habits as the “good children” of automatic pilot (sacred cows are the other kids). MWAJ gives me wonderful opportunity to explore the playground of habits I personally do not have, but should.


There are far greater rewards than greenbacks to be reaped from giving away my knowledge and coaching in some instances than there are in charging for them. This actually comes into play in a few different areas, not just on the blogs ” the arts and sciences of business illustrate so well how plentiful and various revenue streams are ”
[and like you Felix, I have a couple of books to write this year!]


I do get angry when those who are in management and leadership positions do not completely understand the depth of their responsibility when they accept these roles. If they read my blogs, they cannot truthfully make the statement of ignorance and not knowing.


Ah! I long for a world where the word “work” brings joy to our faces, energy to our step, passion to our hearts, and meaning-fulfilled to our souls. Our work is our best tool for building our legacy. It is so very achievable, and we must KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u, reach for the very summit of our personal achievement in the work we do, the work we LOVE. I want to help in every way I can.


Reprinting this here has also given me the opportunity to send Felix a trackback and offer you a few more links: I hope you will take them.

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